Mengmei must have the air bangs

Is it often tangled for hair? The forehead is too monotonous. Is it better to cut the bangs? Mid-point, oblique, Qi Liu… Which one is more suitable for you? Check out the popular bangs hairstyle, which one is more suitable for you? Let’s take a look.

The collection of the air bangs necessary for Mengmei

Firstly, Mengmei’s essential air bangs long hair, brown fashion versatile, thin bangs lined with a complexion of white and healthy, very young girl’s hairstyle.

air bangs

How do you make good looks in the middle and long hair? Firstly, After the thin air bangs, the haircuts cut to a sense of layering, and the hair style looks more natural and casual.

The short bangs of the Korean girl’s style, the short arc-shaped bangs are eye-catching, and the straight hair will not look old after adding air.

air bangs

Firstly, A feminine mid-length hair perm hair style, over the shoulders, long hair and hair ends with a bundle of hair, spread out on the shoulders to show a mature femininity.

The short hair style suitable for spring and summer, the air bangs to modify the big forehead.

So that the wave head is sweet and ageless, and it is very slim.

air bangs

The short straight hair with the tail of the shoulder, the short straight hair for the five-dimensional three-dimensional girl.

Plus the caramel color hair color sweet and eye-catching, weakened the middle of the stiffness.
air bangsThe LOB head is as hot as it is, the length is shoulder-length, the clip hair ends in the end, and the middle point is no bangs design fresh and natural, intellectual literary fan.

Little Loli’s Bobo head, the volume of Liu Hai is so cute, tell my sister where to cut!
air bangs

I like the big waves that selected, but there is no clear distribution line.

But the long hair is naturally divided into sexy partial points, and the big curly hair is super feminine.

The long-haired girl must learn the Korean-style big curly hair.

And the fluffy big volume makes the hair look much more, and the face is smaller and thinner.
air bangs

Firstly, Sweet and fresh bobo head, light color hair dye makes the short hair temperament more outstanding, fashion and trendy personality.

The tail  the haircut neatly cut, and the love of the air bangs really good for Valentine’s Day!

Cool trendy short hair style

Fashionable moms always dress their baby sons with cool trends. Nowadays, they are not just the hairstyles of adults. The hairstyles of young boys are also varied and varied. Let’s take a look at what a handsome boy is suitable for.

Little boy short hair style to create cool hipster

short hair

Fashionable moms always dress their baby sons with cool trends. Nowadays, they are not just the hairstyles of adults. The hairstyles of young boys are also varied and varied. Let’s take a look at what a handsome boy is suitable for.

This watermelon short hair style is super cute, with a cute and handsome look, and the hair on both sides is trimmed lightly and finely. The supple hair is scattered along the forehead curve on the forehead, and the small tie is super handsome.

short hair
The oil head one the gentlemen’s exclusive short hair hairstyles, and not violated the little boy. The side combed and the clip in hair extensions is soft and smooth, giving off a charming luster, and wearing a small suit becomes a gentleman.

The bullet is also a cool hairstyle that is very suitable for the little boy. The hair on the top of the head  naturally curled, and the top of the head creates a high-rise visual effect. It is a cool word to wear sunglasses.

short hair

Firstly, the refreshing and cleanliness of the inch is really not comparable to other short hair hairstyles,It reveals a smooth and full forehead, and a round face with sunglasses. It is both cool for boys and some of the big brothers,It is a small adult.

short hair

It is both refreshing and cool to completely shave both sides of the hair. The hair on the top of the head has a somewhat interlaced curl that looks lighter. Personalized style believes that the rate of return must not be low.

2018 main fashion hairstyle color

Every year, everyone has a high degree of attention to hair color, so what color is popular in 2018? Which of the popular hair color in 2018 is the hottest and the most popular?

2018 popular hairstyle color is a few main

Angel blue

hairstyle color

Angel Blue is the most popular color every summer, and it is a very good hair color for white skin sister paper.

The fresh sky blue hairstyle color has a uniform saturation, not too glaring, very beautiful, and it is a fashionable feeling. It is a cool feeling in the summer. Whether it is short hair or short hair, it is dyed with this angel blue. One second becomes a temperamental little fairy.

Fresh powder

hairstyle color

Pink pop hair color has been one of the most popular hair color in the past two years, whether it is cherry blossom powder, peach blossom, peach pollen and other hair color, high saturation, low saturation are beautiful pink hair color, and In the shape of the hair style, the style is diverse and the personality is trendy. The pink character with high saturation is conspicuous, whitening and brightening the skin tone, and the light pink is fresh and transparent, although it is low-key but not stylish.

Golden peach red

hairstyle color

The color of the golden peach red is also the style of the tidal hair color. The golden peach red is different from the standard red or pink, but the pink and red neutralized together to form the golden peach red, which wants to show the complexion and want to show the skin white. For the sister paper, you must not miss this, the effect is super age, and the personality is fashionable.


hairstyle color

Gray-blue is different from the bright-eyed angel blue and malachite green. It is a gray-blue hair color that is neutral to gray and blue. Many sister papers don’t want to make their hair color and other colors, so they I really like the trendy gray-blue color of this personality. It is not high-profile, but low-key and textured, with a sense of freshness, whiteness, personality, and handsome.

light grey

hairstyle color

Although the light gray hairstyle color does not seem to be as high-profile as the high-saturation hair color, a little misty purple is mixed with a shallow but beautiful, but it is particularly textured, fashionable, and very fairy. A hair color, whether it is white or yellow skin, controlled.

Linen gold

hairstyle color

The color of linen gold is the color of the explosion in the popular hair color every year. Although it is just plain yellow, the effect of whitening is just right. Compared with black, it is more atmospheric, whiter and natural. Generous, everyday versatile style.

Linen brown

hairstyle color

Don’t want  too swayed, too high-profile girls to dye what hair color is good? Then it is necessary choose this brown color, the process dyeing hairstyle color is not complicated, you dye the hair color without drifting, although the hair color is not very bright, but it is a fashionable and foreign hair color, all year round. Suitable for everyday hair style, it is also suitable for workplace ol.

Daily care and hair care for healthy hair

Without a good hair foundation, it is difficult for a hair stylist to create perfect results. Today we teach you how to better care your hair and make your scalp and hair healthy from both daily care and regular intensive care.

First, daily care and hair care

Modern women are often scalp oily and silky because of their habits. Many people wash their hair every day to ensure a good image. Therefore, it is very important to develop good nursing habits on a daily basis. The following points are for your reference:

hair care

Do not wash your hair with water that is too hot;
If the conditions permit, use a hair mask as a daily conditioner;
After shampooing, wipe the hair with a towel instead of rubbing it;
Apply hair care essence to the hair ends before blowing.
The temperature of the hair dryer should not be too high, and blow it to 7 or 8 percent dry instead of being dry;
Apply a few drops of disposable hair care essence to the hair ends every morning and evening;
Try not to tie your hair and avoid pulling the scalp and hair.

Second, regular deep hair care

Frequent styling and the harsh environment of the outside world, the damage the hair suffers every day is more serious than we think.
hair care

It is very important to develop the habit of giving deep nutrition to your hair regularly. As we have just mentioned, most people’s hair condition is scalp greasy hairy hair, so separate care is necessary.

Scalp care
Compared with hair care, scalp care is a relatively new concept, and many people have not developed a habit. The point of scalp care is that many of the hair problems you observe may be rooted in the health of the scalp.
hair care

For example, severe dandruff indicates an imbalance in the environment of the scalp flora; hair is severely oiled without washing one day, which is caused by imbalance of scalp oil secretion. The process of scalp care is not complicated, I also recommend that you regularly operate at home. Choose a care product that suits your scalp problems, apply it to the scalp before shampooing, and gently massage your scalp with your fingertips. Wash off according to the specified time. You can do it twice a week.

Hair care
Hair care is also a “hair mask” in the usual sense. Here we need to remind that the hair mask is not effective every week. How effective is it, a few key points noted. First, temperature is more critical than time. This is why it takes heat to go to the hair salon to make nutrition.

hair care

Therefore, if you are working at home, be sure to bring a thick shower cap with insulation. Secondly, the time when the hair mask stays is too late. Short time is definitely not effective, but don’t be greedy, thinking that the longer the effect, the better. in the case of a shower cap, it can be 30 minutes. Time is too long, it will make the hair very greasy, the hair will collapse, and even dandruff will appear.

Bobo head short hair style

Want to have a feminine hairstyle, then recommend this girl short hair, Bobo hair perm hairstyle will be very suitable for you.

Firstly, Mature women always know what kind of hairstyle is right for them. This short hair is curly and curly, and it has more elegant charm, which makes your gas field very powerful!

Mature woman tastes Bobo head short hair style Latest trend girls short hair perm hairstyle

Bobo head

As soon as the temperature enters the spring, the temperature rises very quickly. Firstly, the girls who love beauty have already wore short sleeves and long skirts. The beauty of the sunshine girl is shown. The maroon air bangs straight hair buckles in the short hair and the low ponytails are even more pure. Vitality, the beautiful and perfection of the girls.

Bobo head

In the early spring season, the girls of the literary fan are wearing a little thicker clothes. The abundance black and black hair and the short hair the shoulders cut and shredded into a natural buckle shape. The air bangs smart short hair style matched with the black frame glasses. Together, the girls look good and fresh.

Bobo head

At this time, the girl will dye the shoulder and short hair into a maroon color, and then comb the slanting Liu Haibo bobo head shape. The hair tail with a non-obvious layering of the bobo head makes the girl look white and fresh, and this short hair The hair styling effect is very good.

Bobo head

Long-faced girls can comb this smart and sweet bangs straight hair with a pear-shaped hair styling in the spring, neat hair ends, and the inner hair curls on the shoulders, wearing a baseball cap, and a pink straight dress, fresh The image of the sun is very suitable for spring.

Bobo head

The girl who afraid cold is not too thin in the early spring, the sweater and windbreaker very warm.

The black hair the big comb taken care the bobo headshape the Sassoon effect.

And cut an asymmetrical effect, and the temperament side face ear comb combed. The way, the whole person is very temperament.

Popular hair color to create fashion temperament

In the new year, girls who love beauty must be prepared to change their beauty from the beginning. The hair color of girls can greatly improve their temperament. The premise is to choose a suitable hair style for yourself.

Wine red hair color + micro curl

hair color

Micro-volume hairstyles have been particularly popular in the past two years, so what color is slightly curly? If you like the low-key fashion route, you may wish to try this burgundy hair. If you dye it on the horse, you will feel more temperament. In winter, the white coat will be more attractive, and the wine red hair is also one of the most obvious hair. Yo.

Light brown hair color + small curly hair

hair color

What color looks good in winter is a topic that many sister papers are considering now. Be sure to pick a suitable haircut before choosing a hair color that suits you. In the winter, long hair beauty, this small curly hair is really good, not only can create a lot of effects, dyed light brown is very versatile, breaking the dull and monotonous atmosphere of winter.

Chestnut hair color + Shoulder Hairstyle

hair color

Shoulder hairstyle is one of the most common hairstyles among girls, and it is believed that it will be inflamed in the 2018 popular hairstyle. So what color is best for winter to look good? Xiaobian recommends this chestnut-colored hair for everyone. It is not only fashionable and versatile, but also very low-key and beautiful.

Light chestnut hair color + shawl long hair

hair color

Winter long hair fluttering is very warm and healing people’s feelings. So, what color does winter long hair dye look good? Long-haired beauty wants change the temperament, as long as it replaced with a hair, it achieve a beautiful effect. Such a light chestnut hair is low-key and stylish, with the air bangs long hair sweet and tender, and at the sme time has a beautiful Korean temperament.

Meatball head is messy enough to be beautiful

Anyone who has long hair knows that the head of the ball that goes home is good to look at, but in the morning, there are hundreds of “concave” shapes before going out, but they have a “Dao Gu” head. The secret to making hairpins younger is to be loose and slightly messy, rather than being as close as a apple.

Cool high-Meatball head

Meatball head

The meatballs are fashionable and cool, but the bad ones will really become “Daogu”, especially the few stars. Therefore, before combing the head of the ball, the most important thing is to add texture to the hair, so that the head of the ball can be fixed well, and it can be fluffy and casual.

More hair meatball head

Meatball head

A girl with more hair like Karlie Kloss can comb the ponytail on the top of her head, then arbitrarily put her hair up, add a little sea salt spray, or use a light styling spray to keep the ball head longer.

Hair meatball head

Meatball head

One of the hottest hairstyles on the T-stage this year is to leave the hair tail exclusively. If you can’t fit the hair tail perfectly every time, try this method: leave the hair tail and use the hair wax. Fixing the left end of the hair to one side will make it look even cooler.

Meatball head

This hairstyle on the T stage is a good reference for those who are too flustered. It is not necessary to put all the hair in the tail. It is actually more fashionable than leaving it.

Modifying the hair of the meatball head with a ribbon

Meatball head

When the hair is a little short, it is a good way to use a silk scarf when you are afraid of not getting the perfect shape of the ball. Roll the hair out of the texture with a curling iron, loosely spread it over the top of the head.

And wrap the hair with a silk scarf, which will shift the line of sight on the head of the ball.

Lazy low-lying hairpin hair meatball head

Meatball head

Not everyone can tie a high-barreled head, but a hairpin that is only behind the head is easy. For example, Gigi Hadid’s low-tie hairpin only tied around the back the head, which lazy and fashionable.

Small straight hair style recommended

The small fresh hair style is a popular style in recent years, not only the small fresh straight hair hairstyle looks clean and neat, but also very beautiful temperament.

Today, I also brought a few small fresh straight hair styles, so that the straight hair style guarantees that everyone can easily lose their favorite boys.

This year’s most popular hair straight hair style recommended by boys

straight hair

This long straight hair style with light brown hair dye makes the girl look fresh and sweet. The combination of no bangs highlights the bright forehead and a beautiful face, so how can you like this hairstyle?

straight hair

The black long straight small fresh hair must be the killer of many school flowers used for sucking.

And simply put the soft straight hair on the shoulders to exude a charming atmosphere. Then the hair is distributed in the middle.

Which instantly makes the facial features and faces of the sister become more three-dimensional.

straight hair

A long black hair is scattered on the beauty back of the girl, and the whole feeling is so beautiful and so fresh and charming. The design of the distribution of the hair is highlighted by the three-dimensional facial features and the delicate goose face. Coupled with a small off-shoulder dress, it is even more beautiful.

straight hair

Small fresh taste This hair straight along the cheeks naturally scattered on the shoulders.

Not only can modify the cheeks to give off a rich and fresh temperament, so people have to be captivated by you.

straight hair

After the fresh hair matched with Han Fan’s air bangs, it becomes more sweet and sucking.

And the natural black hair color makes the whole shape become beautiful, so the girls will quickly start.

Stylish boy short hair style

In the summer, many boys are entangled in what kind of popular hairstyles to change, that is, to cool a summer.

But also to attract a lot of beautiful women’s eyes,

Check out the most fashionable boys short hair style in summer

short hair
The dark texture of the perm hair, the beauty of the handsome man’s facial features, more perfect, fluffy texture hot effect, let you feel the trend of Korean hair style.

short hair

The handsome Korean texture hot hair style makes you the most eye-catching focus in front of everyone. Firstly, the slightly slanted bangs present a Korean style and make you feel the trend of Korean hair style easily.

short hair

The clear striped texture of the haircut captures the hearts of many girls, and the reddish-brown hair adds a lot to his masculine charm.

short hair

Typical small fresh men’s hair style, do not need extra modification.

Natural black hair classic masculinity, slightly hot bangs, round face is also cute and handsome.

short hair

Very gentle texture hot hair, black hair is refreshing and natural.

And the personality of the bangs design, let you feel the trend of short hair.

short hair

Fashionable boys’ textures, hot hair extensions uk, brown hair, handsome personality, exquisite contours are more and more prominent under the bangs decoration, especially a pair of melancholy eyes, it is full of power.

Five tips to prevent hair loss

What should I do if I wash my hair off a lot of hair? To tell the truth, this problem is really encountered  many people at present; shampoo has changed a lot of kinds, but still wash a lot of hair when washing.
hair loss

They are all at a point where they can’t do anything, even if they can’t be discouraged, otherwise they will become bald. The following experts will bring you a few tips to prevent hair loss, let’s take a look.

Prevent hair loss tips, correct shampoo and comb

When shampooing, pour a proper amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand and add water to the skin. After foaming, touch the scalp and hair. Do not use excessive force to rub your hair extensions when your hands are in contact with your hair, as the wet hair is fragile and vulnerable.

hair loss

It is better to wash your hair with a natural sagging posture. After washing, apply conditioner, add moisturizer if necessary, and do not use nylon comb and head brush when combing hair.

Prevent hair loss coups 2. Water temperature should be high to low when shampooing

The water temperature can be 30-40 °C, do not overheat. Too hot will make the hair become crisp and easy to break off, then the decontamination will be poor.

Prevent hair loss coups 3. Shampoo time should be appropriate

hair loss

Shampoo should not stay on your head for more than 5 minutes and should be rinsed off as soon as possible. You can wash your hair in the morning or at night, but you should wait for your hair to dry before you go to sleep.

Prevent hair loss coup 4, shampoo frequency should be moderate

In the south or in the summer, or if you have too much oil and feel uncomfortable, you can wash it once a day. In the north or winter, washing 2-3 times a week is enough.

hair loss

Prevent hair loss coup 5, smear oil

Usually apply more oil to the head so that the hair can look black and supple. When the hair is washed, the hair will not be knotted because of the oil on the hair. Therefore, it will not lose a lot of hair because it is not straight.

Note: The head oil was very popular more than 10 years ago. Now it is basically invisible. If it is not found, replace it with essential oil.