Troubled by hair loss throughout the year

Looking at the increasingly scarce volume and the increasingly retreating hairline is still indifferent?

Use a simple “pull test” to help you determine if there is hair loss. Just pull the hair 6-8 times and see if there are more than 3 hairs pulled down. If so, it means that the hair follicles are weak. Be especially careful. In addition to the number of hair loss exceeds the normal value, the hairline moves backward, the unilateral or bilateral forehead, and the local hair such as the top of the head become sparse, which is also a manifestation of hair loss.

Common cause of hair loss: seborrheic alopecia

The scalp oil is intensified, dandruff is increased, and the hair on the forehead and head is gradually falling off.

In medicine, seborrheic alopecia and androgenetic alopecia refer to the same thing, the first reason is the abnormal secretion of androgen in the body.

And the second is Malassezia infection. Both men and women may cause excessive secretion of androgen or fungal infections due to mood, stress, diet, genetics, etc., so seborrheic alopecia is not divided between men and women.

hair loss

When choosing shampoo, in addition to having a gentle and efficient cleaning power, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether it has the effect of soothing the scalp.

And firming hair roots, so as to help prevent hair loss. Learn to relax and learn to relax your scalp.

Use a scalp massage comb with a maintenance effect to relieve scalp tension, promote blood circulation and promote hair growth.

Severe seborrheic alopecia is recommended for help-seeking doctors, using oral and topical drugs for synergistic treatment.

Common causes of hair loss 2: pregnancy hair loss

Generally, in the early stage pregnancy or after the production, hair loss, hair loss increase, hairline line, the forehead hair loss drastically reduced.

Some expectant mothers affected progesterone during pregnancy, or lack of nutrition, psychological stress, etc..

Resulting in insufficient blood supply to the scalp, resulting in increased hair. After production, as the level of hormones declines, maternal problems are common. However, after 6-12 months, with the adjustment of hormones, some people will slowly improve, and some will find it difficult to return to the previous volume.

hair loss

It is important choose solid hair anti-offwash products and special scalp products maintain the scalp and strengthen the hair roots.

So that the hair volume restored.

A good night’s sleep, a balanced diet, and an optimistic attitude will allow your hair follicles to enter the growth phase as early as possible.

Common causes of hair loss 3: Seasonal hair loss

The number of hair increases during the season, but it will gradually return to normal.

When the seasons alternate, the temperature fluctuates greatly and the scalp is easily sensitive. The dry weather accelerates the evaporation of moisture from the hair, damages the scales and hair structure, and triggers the discovery.

hair loss

When the temperature is high in summer, the scalp pores are easy to open, and at the same time the body’s metabolism is extremely strong, and mild hair is also prone to occur. However, the general hair during the season is temporary and will not last.

Do a good job of daily hair scalp maintenance, try to avoid hair dyeing and perming during the season.

So as not to stimulate the scalp to damage the hair and aggravate hair loss. In general, at the same time as hair, the new hair entering the growing season will continue to grow, and the volume will become the same as before.

Common causes of hair loss 4: dyeing and hair loss

After hot dyeing, the hair becomes weak, hair extensions uk and hair loss increase, and the hair volume becomes less.

Hair loss after hot dyeing severely irritated by the scalp and hair follicles. Irritating hair perm can also cause chemical hair.

hair loss

If hair occurs immediately after dyeing, you can immediately wash the scalp with plenty of water and replace the care product with a product suitable for sensitive scalp.

If you continue to lose hair after dyeing, you need to choose a product that strengthens the hair roots and nourishes the scalp to care for a period of time. At this time, you need to pause the hot dyed hair.

Various fashion bangs pick you up

Girls who like bangs have finally passed through the hot summer, ushered in no matter what bangs can stay in a cool autumn, is it very happy, then how should girls bangs hair style choose? I don’t know what kind of bangs girls I like, but the following six fashion bangs pick you up!

How to choose a girl fashion bangs hairstyle

fashion bangs

For the thin and light fashion bangs, it is exactly what many girls like very much. With any hairstyle, you can feel the fresh and sweet feeling of this one. Wu Jinyan’s long straight hair is matched with the air bangs, let that The temperament of one copy has become softer!

fashion bangs

Very casual haircut fashion bangs, very suitable for girls who stay at home during the National Day holiday.

So that your holiday will not be too decadent, but more fresh and stylish, with a simple tie Hair is also very good, simple and clean and sweet.

fashion bangs

The neat fashion bangs is the youthful memories of everyone, and it is also the popular bangs hairstyle that has always existed. A neat bangs can bring more youthful feelings to the girls. The long black hair has a little sense of randomness. , leave more memories for your youth!

fashion bangs

The playful and lovely eyebrows on the eyebrows are the hottest bangs of this year. Compared with the air bangs, it is more refreshing and sweet. With a simple hair band, your bangs will have more fashion charm, that is The most delicate girl!

fashion bangs

Curly hair bangs has a variety of stylish curly hair design, can also be combined with some curly hair style, which will make you more a little more cute, girls wear a blue striped shirt to feel the freshest and beautiful atmosphere.

fashion bangs

The fluffy eight-character bangs and short hair are also very perfect. The fashion bangs are slightly slim and slim, let you feel the delicate feeling。

Make a good-looking makeup, and show your most beautiful side!

Clever girl Bobo hair type

The ever-changing wave of hair style can make girls become smart and cute, not only giving people a lively and playful feeling, but also a special fashion. Let’s take a look.

The Bobo head is a changeable shape. After a hundred years of evolution, it has undergone a series of self-evolutions from the length and thickness of the hair.

Every small change brings a new feeling. The most amazing thing about the Bobo head is that it has a way to fit whatever kind of face. Whether it is a classical wave head or a modern style wave head, there is always a way to meet the individual needs of different people.

Girl Bobo hair type makes you a second to become a smart girl

Bobo hair type

A brown bobo hair typet hair care, the airy bangs are also particularly temperament, with a playful expression, show the girl’s machine inspiration.

Bobo hair type

A brown short hair wave head, set off the students’ sense of green, with a light blue shirt not only looks very refreshing but also exceptionally age-reducing, looks like a high school student.

Bobo hair type

Such a short best clip hair wave head is a special style, stylish brown hair, shit-style bangs, red butterfly hairpins embellish the little girl’s lively and playful feeling.

Bobo hair type

The natural color of black is a special temperament that can bring out the girl’s temperament. The hair that is picked up backwards perfectly shows the delicate facial features. It looks very delicate.

Bobo hair type

The curly bangs, with dark brown bobo hair type is very individuality, the short hair wave head of the tail buckle covers the cheeks, showing the exquisite facial features, and the slimming hair style shows the students’ pure temperament.

Bobo hair type

This kind of bangs is quite individual, golden hair, curly and playful bangs, with a wave of hair, to take care of different fashion sense.

Refreshing and short hair style

Short hair has different popular styles. Generally, what we that the girls who dare cut short hair are all worthy of the face, bringing a different short hair.

Not looking at the short hair style of the face value, like you come in and see.Do not look at the short hair of the face value, to be refreshed and free

Short hair that has to be refreshed and has a value

short hair style

The sleek short hair style design very star-studded, and the large-volume curly hair machine is handsome and sexy. After dyeing this fashionable hair color, it becomes more light and full of lively temperament.

short hair style

The short hair in the middle said to be a very good shape for the girl with a big face. The big hair in the big s hair is down with the face, showing a beautiful sense of curvature, and looking full of romantic atmosphere.

short hair style

In fact, the girl with a face can also trim such a short hair style.

And combine the cute and fleshy face shapes to create a lovely cute girl, which is also a good expression.

short hair style

The exaggerated inner curls directly above the corners of the mouth, it seems to give a naughty sense of sight.

The lovely air bangs stars in the amount of money.

It looks very cute, although there is no superior value, there is also a goddess fan.

short hair style

The manicured short hair tail gives a strong sense of sight.

And the stylish coffee color makes the hair more textured. The length wrapped in the face, which looks both slim and face-lifting.

short hair style

The cute short hair is of course the same, with a playful hair style that strongly changes the overall visual sense.

Leaving a strong sense of staying cute.

And then making a small ball on the top of the hair, it is even more lovely.

Several whitening hair color

The weather is getting cooler, and although the weather is getting colder, our hair style still has to have its own fashion sense. If you want to make yourself more white in this autumn, then the following hairs are made. You must not be less, let’s take a look!

These hair color is more white in autumn

hair color

The girl in the sun exudes that dazzling light, the caramel color is a bit more gentle, with a low-key luxury clean, with a good-looking hairstyle will add points to the value, slightly Curly bangs, the face is more white!

hair color

If the caramel color of the previous one is suitable for girls with white skin, then this dark caramel is very suitable for girls with yellow skin. With a nice curly hair design, it will definitely make you more white and more temperament. Come and try. Try it!

hair color

Under the natural light, it is not a very dazzling honey brown color. The simple hair color looks very exciting. The matching of the fluffy perm hairstyle with a little lazy feeling is also very fashionable!

hair color

In the sun, it looks very gentle and sweet, a champagne color, with a good-looking shape and a little fluffy and lazy feeling, it is more perfect and fashionable. In the sun, the fresh and beautiful one is the most girls. Like the dream.

hair color

It looks very natural in a light brown color. Under the sun and the breeze, you can feel the fresh and beautiful nature of the one. The long hair extensions in the middle is simple and more natural. It is very suitable for this cool autumn, so that you can feel that one. Full of charm value.

hair color

The orange-pink hair color looks very high-profile fashion. Of course, it is also suitable for white-skinned girls. It is also a kind of exquisite and temperament to make a lazy low-tie hair, which will add a little good atmosphere to your life.

Correct use of comb hair care method

Combs are used in everybody’s life, but serious hair loss is a lot of troubles for people. Maybe you didn’t use the comb, so what kind of comb is best for combing your hair care?

Do you know which hair care methods are used correctly

According the function, the comb divided into shape comb, curly hair, straight hair, scratching, etc. The massage comb has air cushion comb, clean comb, etc. The care comb clip in hair extensions growth and special function comb distributed, untie, anti-static, donkey, etc. Combs have their own uses and are suitable for the crowd.

When the comb is only a single appearance, we can only classify them according to the material: wooden comb, horn comb, plastic comb, etc. There are 5 series of high-end boutique combs and health combs, with a total of more than 300 varieties.

Nylon comb and head brush, because nylon comb and head brush are easy to generate static electricity.

It will bring bad stimulation to hair care and scalp. The most ideal comb is to choose boxwood comb and bristle brush, which can not only remove dandruff, but also increase hair. The gloss can also massage the scalp to promote blood circulation.

The cleaning of the comb is also very important. Otherwise, even if the comb is on the top, the dirt on the top is in contact with the scalp for a long time.

Which may easily cause itching and allergies of the scalp. To clean the comb, soak the comb in soapy water for ten minutes, then scrub with a towel and rinse off with water.

How to use a comb to protect hair care

Comb combing is a very common thing. So how do you use combs without losing hair? In fact, when we comb our hair care, we can use a comb to gently traverse the scalp, which can stimulate the nerve endings of the hair parts, stimulate the cerebral cortex, regulate the function of the head nerves, relax the nervous state of the head。

And promote blood circulation, especially It is a person who suffers from neurasthenia or insomnia and thinks about the neurological headache caused by filtration. Comb a few minutes a day with a comb.

And then use a comb to scrape the scalp several times to achieve a good relief effect on some bad symptoms.

Every morning, lunch break, and before going to bed, start with your hands and fingers on the forehead, combing from front to back to the hairline. It is better to slow down the movement, and it is better to comb the scalp while combing. The time is about ten minutes.

You can also lick a few times when you have time, so your mind will become clear, sleep will be better, and your hair will be more It is shiny and can prevent senile hair loss.

Summer girl black long straight hair style

Natural black long straight hair style has a natural beauty to be carved, beautiful and true. Seeing such a girl, I can’t help but think of the ancient lady on the water side, the beautiful look is picturesque.

If you have a kind of obsession with long hair, it seems that the following set of long hair styles will no longer be able to extricate themselves in this hairstyle.

The most beautiful summer girl black long straight hair style

long straight hair

In the middle of the natural long hair extensions, is the girl’s most beautiful look, the beauty of the cardamom found in this hairstyle, the beautiful face, shallow smile, give a dreamlike feeling.

long straight hair

The long straight hair style is actually very beautiful to modify the face shape. Of course, the more suitable face shape is still a delicate goose egg face. The long hair under the breeze will be more beautiful.

long straight hair

It’s like a lazy afternoon, sitting in the window with your hand, closing your eyes, feeling the birdsong and the flowers outside the window.

And the long hair that is lazy is pouring from the cheek like a waterfall. Time seems to be still.

long straight hair

This is your girlish age. With a straight hair, a bright and pure smile.

You can feel the age and the beauty and beauty of this world without any effort.

long straight hair

The light of the setting sun shines on the hair, the long black hair is glowing with warm light.

The naughty and lovely you are waiting for the mother to call you home to eat!

Mengmei must have the air bangs

Is it often tangled for hair? The forehead is too monotonous. Is it better to cut the bangs? Mid-point, oblique, Qi Liu… Which one is more suitable for you? Check out the popular bangs hairstyle, which one is more suitable for you? Let’s take a look.

The collection of the air bangs necessary for Mengmei

Firstly, Mengmei’s essential air bangs long hair, brown fashion versatile, thin bangs lined with a complexion of white and healthy, very young girl’s hairstyle.

air bangs

How do you make good looks in the middle and long hair? Firstly, After the thin air bangs, the haircuts cut to a sense of layering, and the hair style looks more natural and casual.

The short bangs of the Korean girl’s style, the short arc-shaped bangs are eye-catching, and the straight hair will not look old after adding air.

air bangs

Firstly, A feminine mid-length hair perm hair style, over the shoulders, long hair and hair ends with a bundle of hair, spread out on the shoulders to show a mature femininity.

The short hair style suitable for spring and summer, the air bangs to modify the big forehead.

So that the wave head is sweet and ageless, and it is very slim.

air bangs

The short straight hair with the tail of the shoulder, the short straight hair for the five-dimensional three-dimensional girl.

Plus the caramel color hair color sweet and eye-catching, weakened the middle of the stiffness.
air bangsThe LOB head is as hot as it is, the length is shoulder-length, the clip hair ends in the end, and the middle point is no bangs design fresh and natural, intellectual literary fan.

Little Loli’s Bobo head, the volume of Liu Hai is so cute, tell my sister where to cut!
air bangs

I like the big waves that selected, but there is no clear distribution line.

But the long hair is naturally divided into sexy partial points, and the big curly hair is super feminine.

The long-haired girl must learn the Korean-style big curly hair.

And the fluffy big volume makes the hair look much more, and the face is smaller and thinner.
air bangs

Firstly, Sweet and fresh bobo head, light color hair dye makes the short hair temperament more outstanding, fashion and trendy personality.

The tail  the haircut neatly cut, and the love of the air bangs really good for Valentine’s Day!

Cool trendy short hair style

Fashionable moms always dress their baby sons with cool trends. Nowadays, they are not just the hairstyles of adults. The hairstyles of young boys are also varied and varied. Let’s take a look at what a handsome boy is suitable for.

Little boy short hair style to create cool hipster

short hair

Fashionable moms always dress their baby sons with cool trends. Nowadays, they are not just the hairstyles of adults. The hairstyles of young boys are also varied and varied. Let’s take a look at what a handsome boy is suitable for.

This watermelon short hair style is super cute, with a cute and handsome look, and the hair on both sides is trimmed lightly and finely. The supple hair is scattered along the forehead curve on the forehead, and the small tie is super handsome.

short hair
The oil head one the gentlemen’s exclusive short hair hairstyles, and not violated the little boy. The side combed and the clip in hair extensions is soft and smooth, giving off a charming luster, and wearing a small suit becomes a gentleman.

The bullet is also a cool hairstyle that is very suitable for the little boy. The hair on the top of the head  naturally curled, and the top of the head creates a high-rise visual effect. It is a cool word to wear sunglasses.

short hair

Firstly, the refreshing and cleanliness of the inch is really not comparable to other short hair hairstyles,It reveals a smooth and full forehead, and a round face with sunglasses. It is both cool for boys and some of the big brothers,It is a small adult.

short hair

It is both refreshing and cool to completely shave both sides of the hair. The hair on the top of the head has a somewhat interlaced curl that looks lighter. Personalized style believes that the rate of return must not be low.

2018 main fashion hairstyle color

Every year, everyone has a high degree of attention to hair color, so what color is popular in 2018? Which of the popular hair color in 2018 is the hottest and the most popular?

2018 popular hairstyle color is a few main

Angel blue

hairstyle color

Angel Blue is the most popular color every summer, and it is a very good hair color for white skin sister paper.

The fresh sky blue hairstyle color has a uniform saturation, not too glaring, very beautiful, and it is a fashionable feeling. It is a cool feeling in the summer. Whether it is short hair or short hair, it is dyed with this angel blue. One second becomes a temperamental little fairy.

Fresh powder

hairstyle color

Pink pop hair color has been one of the most popular hair color in the past two years, whether it is cherry blossom powder, peach blossom, peach pollen and other hair color, high saturation, low saturation are beautiful pink hair color, and In the shape of the hair style, the style is diverse and the personality is trendy. The pink character with high saturation is conspicuous, whitening and brightening the skin tone, and the light pink is fresh and transparent, although it is low-key but not stylish.

Golden peach red

hairstyle color

The color of the golden peach red is also the style of the tidal hair color. The golden peach red is different from the standard red or pink, but the pink and red neutralized together to form the golden peach red, which wants to show the complexion and want to show the skin white. For the sister paper, you must not miss this, the effect is super age, and the personality is fashionable.


hairstyle color

Gray-blue is different from the bright-eyed angel blue and malachite green. It is a gray-blue hair color that is neutral to gray and blue. Many sister papers don’t want to make their hair color and other colors, so they I really like the trendy gray-blue color of this personality. It is not high-profile, but low-key and textured, with a sense of freshness, whiteness, personality, and handsome.

light grey

hairstyle color

Although the light gray hairstyle color does not seem to be as high-profile as the high-saturation hair color, a little misty purple is mixed with a shallow but beautiful, but it is particularly textured, fashionable, and very fairy. A hair color, whether it is white or yellow skin, controlled.

Linen gold

hairstyle color

The color of linen gold is the color of the explosion in the popular hair color every year. Although it is just plain yellow, the effect of whitening is just right. Compared with black, it is more atmospheric, whiter and natural. Generous, everyday versatile style.

Linen brown

hairstyle color

Don’t want  too swayed, too high-profile girls to dye what hair color is good? Then it is necessary choose this brown color, the process dyeing hairstyle color is not complicated, you dye the hair color without drifting, although the hair color is not very bright, but it is a fashionable and foreign hair color, all year round. Suitable for everyday hair style, it is also suitable for workplace ol.