Super practical and correct hair care coup

You must think that you will wash your hair. After all, it sounds too simple. But do you really wash your hair? Is your shampooing technique to help your hair be healthier and more shiny, or is it actually dragging them?

You know super practical and correct hair care coup

“As far as I am concerned, I am a faithful believer in the two-way shampooing method,” said George Northwood, a stylist who manages hair by stars such as Alexa Chung, Alicia Vikander and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

“Most people don’t really wash their hair when they wash their hair. Finally, the hair is covered with a film, and this film will cause your hair to slowly become dull.

And tarnished.”With water, you can remove excess dirt when you wash the first time, and then you can actually wash it clean the second time. ”

hair care coup

According to Northwood, the main mistake we generally make hair care coup is to use too much shampoo. When we find that the bubbles are not rich enough, we can’t help but increase. Washing twice does not mean that you will use more shampoo – even you will find that the amount is less.

Northwood says that for most types of hair care coup, it’s best to wash your head every two to three days.

But obviously those with particularly fine hair may like to wash their hair more often.

While those with very curly or fluffy hair usually It may take a longer time to wash your head.

hair care coup

When it comes to conditioner, you should take your own hair as the standard. Those with very thin hair may not like to use any conditioner at all.

Others who prefer to apply some conditioner to their hair ends, or It is completely covered when the hair is particularly dry or rough.

“If the hair is really thick, apply a little more,” Northwood said. “It’s also useful to wring your hair and then apply conditioner. If the hair care coup is too wet, it will only dilute the product.

hair care coup

In short, our point is that if you use the two-pass shampoo method, you can really wash your hair. You can also more easily detect the real needs of your hair. For hair that quickly becomes greasy.

Northwood recommends using a leave-in spray conditioner that feels lighter than the conditioner used in showers and is less heavy and greasy.

hair care coup

“Shipping your hair care coup is also about using the right product to find something that suits your hair,” he said. “Many people have a deformed understanding of their hair.

Always thinking that their hair is much dryer than it is, so they compensate with too nourishing products. This only leads to serious fouling, and if you use a lighter wash Hair and conditioner will get better results.”

Finally, we still have to say something reassuring to everyone who is most worried about being shy when shampooing.

hair care coup

“If you find a lot of hair care coup in the drain after washing your head, don’t worry too much,” Northwood said. “Unless the amount of hair loss is too large, or if you find signs of excessive hair loss on some parts of your scalp.

Troubled by hair loss throughout the year

Looking at the increasingly scarce volume and the increasingly retreating hairline is still indifferent?

Use a simple “pull test” to help you determine if there is hair loss. Just pull the hair 6-8 times and see if there are more than 3 hairs pulled down. If so, it means that the hair follicles are weak. Be especially careful. In addition to the number of hair loss exceeds the normal value, the hairline moves backward, the unilateral or bilateral forehead, and the local hair such as the top of the head become sparse, which is also a manifestation of hair loss.

Common cause of hair loss: seborrheic alopecia

The scalp oil is intensified, dandruff is increased, and the hair on the forehead and head is gradually falling off.

In medicine, seborrheic alopecia and androgenetic alopecia refer to the same thing, the first reason is the abnormal secretion of androgen in the body.

And the second is Malassezia infection. Both men and women may cause excessive secretion of androgen or fungal infections due to mood, stress, diet, genetics, etc., so seborrheic alopecia is not divided between men and women.

hair loss

When choosing shampoo, in addition to having a gentle and efficient cleaning power, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether it has the effect of soothing the scalp.

And firming hair roots, so as to help prevent hair loss. Learn to relax and learn to relax your scalp.

Use a scalp massage comb with a maintenance effect to relieve scalp tension, promote blood circulation and promote hair growth.

Severe seborrheic alopecia is recommended for help-seeking doctors, using oral and topical drugs for synergistic treatment.

Common causes of hair loss 2: pregnancy hair loss

Generally, in the early stage pregnancy or after the production, hair loss, hair loss increase, hairline line, the forehead hair loss drastically reduced.

Some expectant mothers affected progesterone during pregnancy, or lack of nutrition, psychological stress, etc..

Resulting in insufficient blood supply to the scalp, resulting in increased hair. After production, as the level of hormones declines, maternal problems are common. However, after 6-12 months, with the adjustment of hormones, some people will slowly improve, and some will find it difficult to return to the previous volume.

hair loss

It is important choose solid hair anti-offwash products and special scalp products maintain the scalp and strengthen the hair roots.

So that the hair volume restored.

A good night’s sleep, a balanced diet, and an optimistic attitude will allow your hair follicles to enter the growth phase as early as possible.

Common causes of hair loss 3: Seasonal hair loss

The number of hair increases during the season, but it will gradually return to normal.

When the seasons alternate, the temperature fluctuates greatly and the scalp is easily sensitive. The dry weather accelerates the evaporation of moisture from the hair, damages the scales and hair structure, and triggers the discovery.

hair loss

When the temperature is high in summer, the scalp pores are easy to open, and at the same time the body’s metabolism is extremely strong, and mild hair is also prone to occur. However, the general hair during the season is temporary and will not last.

Do a good job of daily hair scalp maintenance, try to avoid hair dyeing and perming during the season.

So as not to stimulate the scalp to damage the hair and aggravate hair loss. In general, at the same time as hair, the new hair entering the growing season will continue to grow, and the volume will become the same as before.

Common causes of hair loss 4: dyeing and hair loss

After hot dyeing, the hair becomes weak, hair extensions uk and hair loss increase, and the hair volume becomes less.

Hair loss after hot dyeing severely irritated by the scalp and hair follicles. Irritating hair perm can also cause chemical hair.

hair loss

If hair occurs immediately after dyeing, you can immediately wash the scalp with plenty of water and replace the care product with a product suitable for sensitive scalp.

If you continue to lose hair after dyeing, you need to choose a product that strengthens the hair roots and nourishes the scalp to care for a period of time. At this time, you need to pause the hot dyed hair.

Correct use of comb hair care method

Combs are used in everybody’s life, but serious hair loss is a lot of troubles for people. Maybe you didn’t use the comb, so what kind of comb is best for combing your hair care?

Do you know which hair care methods are used correctly

According the function, the comb divided into shape comb, curly hair, straight hair, scratching, etc. The massage comb has air cushion comb, clean comb, etc. The care comb clip in hair extensions growth and special function comb distributed, untie, anti-static, donkey, etc. Combs have their own uses and are suitable for the crowd.

When the comb is only a single appearance, we can only classify them according to the material: wooden comb, horn comb, plastic comb, etc. There are 5 series of high-end boutique combs and health combs, with a total of more than 300 varieties.

Nylon comb and head brush, because nylon comb and head brush are easy to generate static electricity.

It will bring bad stimulation to hair care and scalp. The most ideal comb is to choose boxwood comb and bristle brush, which can not only remove dandruff, but also increase hair. The gloss can also massage the scalp to promote blood circulation.

The cleaning of the comb is also very important. Otherwise, even if the comb is on the top, the dirt on the top is in contact with the scalp for a long time.

Which may easily cause itching and allergies of the scalp. To clean the comb, soak the comb in soapy water for ten minutes, then scrub with a towel and rinse off with water.

How to use a comb to protect hair care

Comb combing is a very common thing. So how do you use combs without losing hair? In fact, when we comb our hair care, we can use a comb to gently traverse the scalp, which can stimulate the nerve endings of the hair parts, stimulate the cerebral cortex, regulate the function of the head nerves, relax the nervous state of the head。

And promote blood circulation, especially It is a person who suffers from neurasthenia or insomnia and thinks about the neurological headache caused by filtration. Comb a few minutes a day with a comb.

And then use a comb to scrape the scalp several times to achieve a good relief effect on some bad symptoms.

Every morning, lunch break, and before going to bed, start with your hands and fingers on the forehead, combing from front to back to the hairline. It is better to slow down the movement, and it is better to comb the scalp while combing. The time is about ten minutes.

You can also lick a few times when you have time, so your mind will become clear, sleep will be better, and your hair will be more It is shiny and can prevent senile hair loss.

Daily care and hair care for healthy hair

Without a good hair foundation, it is difficult for a hair stylist to create perfect results. Today we teach you how to better care your hair and make your scalp and hair healthy from both daily care and regular intensive care.

First, daily care and hair care

Modern women are often scalp oily and silky because of their habits. Many people wash their hair every day to ensure a good image. Therefore, it is very important to develop good nursing habits on a daily basis. The following points are for your reference:

hair care

Do not wash your hair with water that is too hot;
If the conditions permit, use a hair mask as a daily conditioner;
After shampooing, wipe the hair with a towel instead of rubbing it;
Apply hair care essence to the hair ends before blowing.
The temperature of the hair dryer should not be too high, and blow it to 7 or 8 percent dry instead of being dry;
Apply a few drops of disposable hair care essence to the hair ends every morning and evening;
Try not to tie your hair and avoid pulling the scalp and hair.

Second, regular deep hair care

Frequent styling and the harsh environment of the outside world, the damage the hair suffers every day is more serious than we think.
hair care

It is very important to develop the habit of giving deep nutrition to your hair regularly. As we have just mentioned, most people’s hair condition is scalp greasy hairy hair, so separate care is necessary.

Scalp care
Compared with hair care, scalp care is a relatively new concept, and many people have not developed a habit. The point of scalp care is that many of the hair problems you observe may be rooted in the health of the scalp.
hair care

For example, severe dandruff indicates an imbalance in the environment of the scalp flora; hair is severely oiled without washing one day, which is caused by imbalance of scalp oil secretion. The process of scalp care is not complicated, I also recommend that you regularly operate at home. Choose a care product that suits your scalp problems, apply it to the scalp before shampooing, and gently massage your scalp with your fingertips. Wash off according to the specified time. You can do it twice a week.

Hair care
Hair care is also a “hair mask” in the usual sense. Here we need to remind that the hair mask is not effective every week. How effective is it, a few key points noted. First, temperature is more critical than time. This is why it takes heat to go to the hair salon to make nutrition.

hair care

Therefore, if you are working at home, be sure to bring a thick shower cap with insulation. Secondly, the time when the hair mask stays is too late. Short time is definitely not effective, but don’t be greedy, thinking that the longer the effect, the better. in the case of a shower cap, it can be 30 minutes. Time is too long, it will make the hair very greasy, the hair will collapse, and even dandruff will appear.

Five tips to prevent hair loss

What should I do if I wash my hair off a lot of hair? To tell the truth, this problem is really encountered  many people at present; shampoo has changed a lot of kinds, but still wash a lot of hair when washing.
hair loss

They are all at a point where they can’t do anything, even if they can’t be discouraged, otherwise they will become bald. The following experts will bring you a few tips to prevent hair loss, let’s take a look.

Prevent hair loss tips, correct shampoo and comb

When shampooing, pour a proper amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand and add water to the skin. After foaming, touch the scalp and hair. Do not use excessive force to rub your hair extensions when your hands are in contact with your hair, as the wet hair is fragile and vulnerable.

hair loss

It is better to wash your hair with a natural sagging posture. After washing, apply conditioner, add moisturizer if necessary, and do not use nylon comb and head brush when combing hair.

Prevent hair loss coups 2. Water temperature should be high to low when shampooing

The water temperature can be 30-40 °C, do not overheat. Too hot will make the hair become crisp and easy to break off, then the decontamination will be poor.

Prevent hair loss coups 3. Shampoo time should be appropriate

hair loss

Shampoo should not stay on your head for more than 5 minutes and should be rinsed off as soon as possible. You can wash your hair in the morning or at night, but you should wait for your hair to dry before you go to sleep.

Prevent hair loss coup 4, shampoo frequency should be moderate

In the south or in the summer, or if you have too much oil and feel uncomfortable, you can wash it once a day. In the north or winter, washing 2-3 times a week is enough.

hair loss

Prevent hair loss coup 5, smear oil

Usually apply more oil to the head so that the hair can look black and supple. When the hair is washed, the hair will not be knotted because of the oil on the hair. Therefore, it will not lose a lot of hair because it is not straight.

Note: The head oil was very popular more than 10 years ago. Now it is basically invisible. If it is not found, replace it with essential oil.

Nursing hair makes your hair silky and elastic

Nowadays people are too concerned about the image, only want to follow the trend, hair style hair color changed one after another.

I have never thought about whether the hair will be worse or not. I often get my hair dry and dry, and I feel that there is a grass on my head. What about hair dry hair?

Coupe nursing hair one: wash your hair for two or three days

nursing hair

Washing your head too often will not only damage the hair roots, but also damage the hair’s hair. So in general, it is no problem to wash your hair in two or three days.

If you don’t feel that your scalp is itchy or your hair is too oily, you can consider washing your hair with essential oil, rubbing your scalp for a while, then washing it off with water.

Dry hair rancid will become noticeably smooth after a period of time, and it is not easy to damage itching oil.

Coupon nursing hair two: Coconut Oil Hair Care

nursing hair

Pure fresh coconut oil is the only oil that can reduce the loss of hair protein. It can give you healthy, natural hair, prevent dandruff, improve dry hair and prevent hair gray hair and baldness. Take a proper amount of coconut oil to massage the scalp and hair tips or apply coconut oil after washing.

Or use coconut oil to massage the head and scalp before going to bed. Rinse it with a weak acid shampoo the next morning. The hair extensions looks soft and smooth. Black and bright, effective control of dandruff. Wipe it two or three times a day and it will take a few weeks.

Coupling nursing hair three: rice vinegar softening hair

nursing hair

Shampoo with diluted rice vinegar or wine vinegar, combined with conditioner, to soften hair and inhibit dandruff.

Coupon nursing hair four: Use Vitamin E

nursing hair

Squeeze 3 vitamin E into the conditioner and mix well. After cleaning the hair, use a towel to dry the water, apply the skin care evenly on the hair, then wrap the hair in a hot towel. After about half an hour, remove the towel and rinse it off with water.

This method is special. Suitable for dry hair and knotted hair. It is used by people with damaged hair, but it should be noted that oily hair is not suitable for this method.

what to do with greasy hair

It is believed that everyone will have experience when the hair is not a day, and the situation of the boys will be particularly serious. Even sometimes I wash my hair in the morning, and in the afternoon my hair will still be oily, it is really miserable!

Now let’s sort out the specific reasons for the hair oil to avoid the hair is always greasy!

Do you know what to do with greasy hair

First of all, too frequent shampooing can not solve the problem of greasy hair, but it will make the hair oily!

We need to know that every pore that grows in hair is accompanied by sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands secrete sebum, which is the source of oil on our hair. It moisturizes and protects hair and scalp.

greasy hair

Frequent cleaning of the sebum in the head stimulates our sebaceous secrete more oil to replenish the sebum that away, which in turn makes our scalp and hair more greasy.

Second, the choice of shampoo is also the main cause of hair oil. We know that if you want to wash your hair and scalp, you must keep the shampoo alkaline.

The inferior shampoo even increases the specific gravity of the alkaline substance. The alkaline substance stimulates and even damages the scalp.  More sebaceous glands to protect the scalp.

greasy hair

Third, sometimes in order to care for our hair, we have chosen after-wash care products such as conditioners and hair masks. The nutrients will  our hair more oily, even if they improperly.

Fourth, the excessive use of hair accessories is also the murderer of hair. In order to beautify our hair, sometimes we use a lot of hair gel, gel and other hair accessories to adhere to the surface of our hair, making our hair more greasy.

greasy hair

Fifth, the diet is high in oil, spicy, and eating more fried foods and junk foods will stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands。

Resulting in excessive oil, while frequent staying up late and lack of sleep, mental stress are common problems of urban people, but also become irreversible the trend of.

Daily care for girls nursing wig

Many girls like to change their hair styles and don’t want to cut their hair. Therefore, they often choose a wig for their hair style, but the daily care of wigs is also very particular.

If you don’t wear a wig for a while or don’t wear it, you should put the wig off, it is best not to be exposed to the air, it is easy to be dusty or messy, so you should take the wig to the place where the wig was placed, or receive the plastic. In the bag.

How to do daily care for girls nursing wig

If you wear a wig, it is recommended to wash it once a week. When cleaning, pay special attention to the fact that the wig can not be washed with hot water, it will destroy the quality of the nursing wig, and it can not be soaked in the water for a long time. After cleaning, it will be air-dried in the air.

When cleaning the wig, don’t use your hands to rub it. If you see the wig knotted, don’t pull it. You should use conditioner, gently straighten it, and use the conditioner wig to be glamorous, just like just bought.

Nursing wig

Usually take off the wig and use a sparse comb to gently smooth the wig and clean the dust. Choosing a sparse comb is to prevent the nursing wig from being broken easily by a dense comb, or to use a wig-specific comb.

If your wig is curly, then you must not use a comb to care for the curls. Finally, just use your hand to gently manage it. If you use a comb to care, the curl will be lost.