Hair color change boy hair style guide

The beauty of the heart is everyone, not just girls, boys should always pay attention to their external image, and hair is a very important part of the style, compared with girls, boys’ hair is relatively less complicated, this time Changing hair color is definitely the best option to show your personal charm.

Hair color

Hair can be said to be a person’s overall “face value”, a good hair style will definitely add a lot of points to the overall shape.

Why are some trendy people wearing casual clothes are very fashionable? In fact, hair color is also the key, want to step into It’s better to add some color to your hair.

Latest Hair Coloring Guide

Hair color
Very suitable for melon face boys, a bangs fluffy short hair perm hairstyle, brown hair color with messy short hair hair, stylish and stylish, with a delicate face is more handsome.

This bangs’s refreshing short hair style is very suitable for working people. The large bangs blow up the face that is bold and revealing the sun.

And the short hair is fluffy and fluffy with chocolate color dyeing, which is more handsome.

Hair color

A linen gold short hair style, short hair perm fluffy texture, with Qi Liu’s design, personality and beauty, wearing a cool sweater, handsome men are such a steal.

It is very suitable for a short-haired hairstyle for a round-faced boy. The brown hair color is fashionable and has a hair. Firstly, the hair is blown up to reveal the face of the sun. The short hair is refreshing and clean, and looks young and energetic.

Hair color

Very picky boy’s black hair style, eight-shaped bangs design and temperament.

Short hair hair texture soft, golden hair color hair handsome and eye-catching.

Firstly, if you are more confident about your looks, try this short hair style without bangs. The two sides are smooth and clean, with bright pink hair color, fashion is booming.

This short hair style personality is trendy, it is suitable for trendy men, oblique bangs design with texture perm short hair.

Refreshing and stylish, grandma gray hair color is more fashionable.

Introducing several stylish hair color

In this hot and monotonous summer, are you sure you don’t want a hair dye to make your hair style more fashionable? If you want to dye your hair but don’t know what kind of hair color is good for you, then you will come to the right place today. The girls who have arranged the haircuts below will show you enough to show you the most fashionable in this summer. The trend of the van.

The most fashionable hair color in summer

hair color

The dyed hair of this gradient cherry powder is not very stunning, full of youthful girlish atmosphere, the breeze blowing, the flowing long flower hair clips dancing with the wind, is a best-looking beauty, but it is not recommended for the yellow-skinned girl to dye Oh.

hair color

A light brown curly hair has a girllike sweet and lovely, the lovely curly hair exudes the sweet and youthful atmosphere. The forehead s roll bangs can not only modify the face but also a lovely, light brown hair color is more gentle.

hair color

I think the girls all have the dreamlike dreams of the stars. This starry purple will show the most beautiful fantasy. Not only does it have high-profile elegance, but also eye-catching, there are bold girls who want to try it, give it to you. Summer is a little more dreamy.

hair color

The light color of the hair color brings a refreshing coolness to this summer. The long light-colored curly hair exudes the freshest and natural flavor, like a little princess-like fresh and elegant, with a delicate makeup is more lovely.

hair color

Vibrant reddish brown should be a color that is more suitable for summer. If you look at it, your mood will be better. The curls in the middle will also show the full vitality of the reddish-brown hair color.

hair color

A minimum of honey-colored long curly hair will present the fresh and natural atmosphere in front of everyone. It is also very elegant with a delicate light makeup. This summer, this hair color adds charm.

Beautiful dreamy purple hair dye style

Many girls want to dye a stylish eye-catching hair color, so today Xiaobian will take you to look at this beautiful and dreamy purple hair dye hair style, with a variety of fashion style, show your own fashion hair color That fashion charm, come and have a look!

Beautiful and dreamy purple hair dye style many styles make you look good

purple hair dye

The purple hair dye is very fresh and romantic, and the aesthetic sense of that one is also very exciting. Simply and casually set up a high ponytail hairstyle, the girl holds a handful of flowers and feels the fresh and natural atmosphere.

Supple and clean, a medium-length long curly hair style, a fresh and natural light purple is also very beautiful and individuality. The design of the middle part makes the whole hairstyle more fashionable and charming, and feels that in fashion. The intellectual elegance of the share!

purple hair dye

This casually-made ball-shaped hair type, which is a fluffy and messy feeling, is very suitable for a hair style that is casually set at home. It is simple and natural and more casual. The purple ball head is more fashionable. Have a personality!

With a black knit hat, the purple hair dye long hair has unexpected surprises. With a stylish personality in the simple.

The long hair that flutters in the wind is the perfect expression of the cleanest and beautiful.

purple hair dye

Very cute and playful, which a hair style, the purple hair dye long hair simply tied up, the full playful sweetness shows the temperament of a cute little fairy.

With a delicate hair accessory, so that the whole simple hair style is more A little more fashion charm.

Simply and casually set up a ponytail hairstyle, that one of the lazy and casual is so fresh and beautiful, the dream of purple long hair, make this ponytail more stylish and individual.

Winter fashion personality hair color

Hair dyeing has also become a common thing in everyone’s daily life. Now in this upcoming winter, is it also necessary to bring a trendy style to your winter hairstyle, of course.

Winter hair styles must be more fashionable and stylish,While choosing the style Don’t forget the fashion hair color to make your hair style more fashionable and stylish!

Winter personality hair color styles must be more fashionable and stylish

personality hair color

Very stylish and stylish, a linen white gold personality hair color, a simple low-tie hair can not block the fashion charm of this one.

In this cold autumn and winter to add more temperament, more eye-catching Have personality!

personality hair color

Very popular with girls, the name is also very nice, the low-key pink on the thin plum hair can bring more sweetness to the girls, and the long curly hair is full of girls. what!

personality hair color

A very normal personality hair color should be tried by many girls. Firstly, the hair color of bitter linen is very fresh and beautiful with the natural micro-curls. In this autumn and winter season, it is the one that I brought to myself.

personality hair color

The color of the green wood linen ash texture, very high-grade personality.

Fluffy long curly hair with a more stylish fashion goddess temperament, that kind  fashion sense brought to the girl inadvertently More fashion.

personality hair color

Under the sunshine, this fluffy long hair exudes dazzling light, and the fashionable low-key sand gold should also be very autumn and winter season. In the sun, it is more gentle and charming.

And the middle design is more A few points of the goddess temperament.

personality hair color

Very warm-colored chocolate personality hair color,

it is the girl’s favorite low-key hair color, simple with a medium-length hair is very good looking temperament.

In this autumn and winter, no longer have to worry about their hair problems. !

Several whitening hair color

The weather is getting cooler, and although the weather is getting colder, our hair style still has to have its own fashion sense. If you want to make yourself more white in this autumn, then the following hairs are made. You must not be less, let’s take a look!

These hair color is more white in autumn

hair color

The girl in the sun exudes that dazzling light, the caramel color is a bit more gentle, with a low-key luxury clean, with a good-looking hairstyle will add points to the value, slightly Curly bangs, the face is more white!

hair color

If the caramel color of the previous one is suitable for girls with white skin, then this dark caramel is very suitable for girls with yellow skin. With a nice curly hair design, it will definitely make you more white and more temperament. Come and try. Try it!

hair color

Under the natural light, it is not a very dazzling honey brown color. The simple hair color looks very exciting. The matching of the fluffy perm hairstyle with a little lazy feeling is also very fashionable!

hair color

In the sun, it looks very gentle and sweet, a champagne color, with a good-looking shape and a little fluffy and lazy feeling, it is more perfect and fashionable. In the sun, the fresh and beautiful one is the most girls. Like the dream.

hair color

It looks very natural in a light brown color. Under the sun and the breeze, you can feel the fresh and beautiful nature of the one. The long hair extensions in the middle is simple and more natural. It is very suitable for this cool autumn, so that you can feel that one. Full of charm value.

hair color

The orange-pink hair color looks very high-profile fashion. Of course, it is also suitable for white-skinned girls. It is also a kind of exquisite and temperament to make a lazy low-tie hair, which will add a little good atmosphere to your life.

2018 main fashion hairstyle color

Every year, everyone has a high degree of attention to hair color, so what color is popular in 2018? Which of the popular hair color in 2018 is the hottest and the most popular?

2018 popular hairstyle color is a few main

Angel blue

hairstyle color

Angel Blue is the most popular color every summer, and it is a very good hair color for white skin sister paper.

The fresh sky blue hairstyle color has a uniform saturation, not too glaring, very beautiful, and it is a fashionable feeling. It is a cool feeling in the summer. Whether it is short hair or short hair, it is dyed with this angel blue. One second becomes a temperamental little fairy.

Fresh powder

hairstyle color

Pink pop hair color has been one of the most popular hair color in the past two years, whether it is cherry blossom powder, peach blossom, peach pollen and other hair color, high saturation, low saturation are beautiful pink hair color, and In the shape of the hair style, the style is diverse and the personality is trendy. The pink character with high saturation is conspicuous, whitening and brightening the skin tone, and the light pink is fresh and transparent, although it is low-key but not stylish.

Golden peach red

hairstyle color

The color of the golden peach red is also the style of the tidal hair color. The golden peach red is different from the standard red or pink, but the pink and red neutralized together to form the golden peach red, which wants to show the complexion and want to show the skin white. For the sister paper, you must not miss this, the effect is super age, and the personality is fashionable.


hairstyle color

Gray-blue is different from the bright-eyed angel blue and malachite green. It is a gray-blue hair color that is neutral to gray and blue. Many sister papers don’t want to make their hair color and other colors, so they I really like the trendy gray-blue color of this personality. It is not high-profile, but low-key and textured, with a sense of freshness, whiteness, personality, and handsome.

light grey

hairstyle color

Although the light gray hairstyle color does not seem to be as high-profile as the high-saturation hair color, a little misty purple is mixed with a shallow but beautiful, but it is particularly textured, fashionable, and very fairy. A hair color, whether it is white or yellow skin, controlled.

Linen gold

hairstyle color

The color of linen gold is the color of the explosion in the popular hair color every year. Although it is just plain yellow, the effect of whitening is just right. Compared with black, it is more atmospheric, whiter and natural. Generous, everyday versatile style.

Linen brown

hairstyle color

Don’t want  too swayed, too high-profile girls to dye what hair color is good? Then it is necessary choose this brown color, the process dyeing hairstyle color is not complicated, you dye the hair color without drifting, although the hair color is not very bright, but it is a fashionable and foreign hair color, all year round. Suitable for everyday hair style, it is also suitable for workplace ol.

Popular hair color to create fashion temperament

In the new year, girls who love beauty must be prepared to change their beauty from the beginning. The hair color of girls can greatly improve their temperament. The premise is to choose a suitable hair style for yourself.

Wine red hair color + micro curl

hair color

Micro-volume hairstyles have been particularly popular in the past two years, so what color is slightly curly? If you like the low-key fashion route, you may wish to try this burgundy hair. If you dye it on the horse, you will feel more temperament. In winter, the white coat will be more attractive, and the wine red hair is also one of the most obvious hair. Yo.

Light brown hair color + small curly hair

hair color

What color looks good in winter is a topic that many sister papers are considering now. Be sure to pick a suitable haircut before choosing a hair color that suits you. In the winter, long hair beauty, this small curly hair is really good, not only can create a lot of effects, dyed light brown is very versatile, breaking the dull and monotonous atmosphere of winter.

Chestnut hair color + Shoulder Hairstyle

hair color

Shoulder hairstyle is one of the most common hairstyles among girls, and it is believed that it will be inflamed in the 2018 popular hairstyle. So what color is best for winter to look good? Xiaobian recommends this chestnut-colored hair for everyone. It is not only fashionable and versatile, but also very low-key and beautiful.

Light chestnut hair color + shawl long hair

hair color

Winter long hair fluttering is very warm and healing people’s feelings. So, what color does winter long hair dye look good? Long-haired beauty wants change the temperament, as long as it replaced with a hair, it achieve a beautiful effect. Such a light chestnut hair is low-key and stylish, with the air bangs long hair sweet and tender, and at the sme time has a beautiful Korean temperament.