Fashion Korean bangs hairstyle

When choosing girls’ bangs hairstyles, girls should pay attention to the style of the hairstyle, but also pay attention to the design of the fashion bangs.

Choose a suitable bangs to add more fashion to yourself. The following fashions Korean style bangs hairstyle.

Come and have a look, put on a horse to make you look good.

Share several fashion Korean bangs hairstyle

bangs hairstyle

A neat and clean face with short hair style, with a fringe bangs hairstyle, black hair color is very natural and clean.

Setting off the skin is more white and natural, wearing a knit hat, showing more warmth Lovely atmosphere.

bangs hairstyle

Qi Liu Hairstyle is of course the most commonly used bangs hairstyle for girls, with a simple and clean hair style and a little more youthful sweetness.

Neatly and cleanly decorated with a face, with a fresh garland, perfect Show the girl’s sense of that.

bangs hairstyle

The fresh and sweet air of bangs is also a very popular hair style. The thin layer has a faint design, which is very light and clean, adding a little more sweetness to the cute girl.

bangs hairstyle

Fashionable character bangs no matter which hairstyle perfectly matched.

Firstly, a refreshing and clean hair is showing the freshest side at will, and the scattered hair is adding a few for the whole shape. The cuteness of the points.

bangs hairstyle

A fresh and clean princess hair style, leaving a dragon bangs as a decoration, will not make the whole hair style more monotonous.

But can also feel more fresh and elegant, a white shirt with a white shirt It is the best charm.

bangs hairstyle

A cute curly hair bangs hairstyle, simply set up two little scorpions more girlish atmosphere.

And put on a delicate and beautiful makeup to create a sweet image.

The hottest net red bangs

2018, the hottest hairstyle is definitely not the net red bangs, and with the net red bangs, no matter what hairstyle can change the foreign language.

The other person’s face and cheekbones are even more instantly slap in the face.

If you are this Face type, come and try the most popular net red bangs.

What kind of face is suitable for net red bangs

net red bangs

The curved red bend, the length to the chin of the net red bangs, just cover the lower squat line of the ridge.

You change the V face without cutting the bone.

nd even the high shin can be modified, the entire face of the line changes It’s soft, from a slightly MAN-like man’s face to a gentle gentle lady.

net red bangs

First pull the ear up to the top of the head, the hair in front of the ear pulled out, usually the block of air bangs only in the middle of the triangle.

But the angle of the net red bangs a little bigger, the hair volume about a small bundle The amount.

The amount hair that carefully separated is too much into a month.

net red bangs

After releasing, the hair tail is neatly tidy. I know that I cut it at first glance, and it is not good to look at the roll. Therefore, it is necessary to trim and thin the skin naturally, and straighten the bangs and scissors into straight.

From the bottom to the bottom. Make a thin trim, remember that the length of the outside is longer, and the shorter it is, the shorter it is.

net red bangs

In fact, this is almost cut, the last slight curl, the bangs beautiful.

Pull the bangs  the front, with a large diameter electric rod (32~38mm).

The whole squat up, inside and out, and stay After 3~5 seconds,  so that the bangs don’t roll too much.

Various fashion bangs pick you up

Girls who like bangs have finally passed through the hot summer, ushered in no matter what bangs can stay in a cool autumn, is it very happy, then how should girls bangs hair style choose? I don’t know what kind of bangs girls I like, but the following six fashion bangs pick you up!

How to choose a girl fashion bangs hairstyle

fashion bangs

For the thin and light fashion bangs, it is exactly what many girls like very much. With any hairstyle, you can feel the fresh and sweet feeling of this one. Wu Jinyan’s long straight hair is matched with the air bangs, let that The temperament of one copy has become softer!

fashion bangs

Very casual haircut fashion bangs, very suitable for girls who stay at home during the National Day holiday.

So that your holiday will not be too decadent, but more fresh and stylish, with a simple tie Hair is also very good, simple and clean and sweet.

fashion bangs

The neat fashion bangs is the youthful memories of everyone, and it is also the popular bangs hairstyle that has always existed. A neat bangs can bring more youthful feelings to the girls. The long black hair has a little sense of randomness. , leave more memories for your youth!

fashion bangs

The playful and lovely eyebrows on the eyebrows are the hottest bangs of this year. Compared with the air bangs, it is more refreshing and sweet. With a simple hair band, your bangs will have more fashion charm, that is The most delicate girl!

fashion bangs

Curly hair bangs has a variety of stylish curly hair design, can also be combined with some curly hair style, which will make you more a little more cute, girls wear a blue striped shirt to feel the freshest and beautiful atmosphere.

fashion bangs

The fluffy eight-character bangs and short hair are also very perfect. The fashion bangs are slightly slim and slim, let you feel the delicate feeling。

Make a good-looking makeup, and show your most beautiful side!

Mengmei must have the air bangs

Is it often tangled for hair? The forehead is too monotonous. Is it better to cut the bangs? Mid-point, oblique, Qi Liu… Which one is more suitable for you? Check out the popular bangs hairstyle, which one is more suitable for you? Let’s take a look.

The collection of the air bangs necessary for Mengmei

Firstly, Mengmei’s essential air bangs long hair, brown fashion versatile, thin bangs lined with a complexion of white and healthy, very young girl’s hairstyle.

air bangs

How do you make good looks in the middle and long hair? Firstly, After the thin air bangs, the haircuts cut to a sense of layering, and the hair style looks more natural and casual.

The short bangs of the Korean girl’s style, the short arc-shaped bangs are eye-catching, and the straight hair will not look old after adding air.

air bangs

Firstly, A feminine mid-length hair perm hair style, over the shoulders, long hair and hair ends with a bundle of hair, spread out on the shoulders to show a mature femininity.

The short hair style suitable for spring and summer, the air bangs to modify the big forehead.

So that the wave head is sweet and ageless, and it is very slim.

air bangs

The short straight hair with the tail of the shoulder, the short straight hair for the five-dimensional three-dimensional girl.

Plus the caramel color hair color sweet and eye-catching, weakened the middle of the stiffness.
air bangsThe LOB head is as hot as it is, the length is shoulder-length, the clip hair ends in the end, and the middle point is no bangs design fresh and natural, intellectual literary fan.

Little Loli’s Bobo head, the volume of Liu Hai is so cute, tell my sister where to cut!
air bangs

I like the big waves that selected, but there is no clear distribution line.

But the long hair is naturally divided into sexy partial points, and the big curly hair is super feminine.

The long-haired girl must learn the Korean-style big curly hair.

And the fluffy big volume makes the hair look much more, and the face is smaller and thinner.
air bangs

Firstly, Sweet and fresh bobo head, light color hair dye makes the short hair temperament more outstanding, fashion and trendy personality.

The tail  the haircut neatly cut, and the love of the air bangs really good for Valentine’s Day!

Woven hot air bangs

Girls all like perm hair styles, and when they get hot, they will become very sweet. Nowadays, this kind of woven bangs hairstyle is popular. This kind of woven hot hair looks very beautiful and natural, bangs It can make you more soft. Now there are a lot of students who like this long hair style.

And the hair is made of woven hot air bangs. This hair style not only has a good face repair effect, but also looks very sweet. Nature.
air bangs

Girl air bangs woven hot hair

Qi Liuhai’s girl’s air bangs hair style, such long hair hair style hair, hair looks a little small roll, such woven hot air Liu Hai is the most beautiful, pear head style woven hot look It is generous and very fashionable.

air bangs

This kind of air bangs style girl pear flower hairstyle, coupled with a good-looking woven hot, such long hair hairstyle is very age-receiving, want to make yourself more playful and look good? Which one chooses such a bangs’ pear flower woven hot air bangs long hair haircut hairstyle.

air bangs

The front is a light and sleek air bangs woven hot hair, our beautiful bangs hair perm hairstyle does not have to make hair hair, we can also tie up the hair to form a good looking small ball head.

air bangs

Girls with melon seeds, many people like this kind of woven hot air bangs hair style.

Such a woven hot hair long, look is only beautiful, bangs woven long hair, and then with a vest-style Small skirt, which is too beautiful.

air bangs

The face is a very small girl, the hair is very good, Qi Liu’s pear hair made, and with the bangs. it seems that this shoulder-style woven hair style has become more beautiful and lovely, no matter which one The bangs are suitable for the season.

Qi Liu Haichang how long to change the air bangs

Liu Hai, many times, I want to change my bangs moments. How long does Liu Hai leave for air bangs? How does Qi Liuhai cut into air bangs?

Do not go to the barber shop to cut the bangs. Firstly, If the bangs block their eyes, cut off the part of the bangs that you want to keep, and keep the rest! It will take three months.

Qi Liuhai cuts the air by himself and must determine the size of the triangle according to the amount of hair.

Qi Liu Haichang how long to change the air bangs how to cut

Preparation tools: scissors, roll comb, hair dryer

The first step: take care of your bangs, use the two fingers to clamp the middle bangs down, determine the length you want, then pull it up and use scissors to cut the bangs.

Step 2: When trimming the bangs, be sure clamp it hard and trim it according to the horizontal direction so that the foundation can be laid. After trimming, the effect is as shown below.

air bangs

The third step: the bangs in the middle and the sides completely distinguished by the hand as shown in the figure, and then the middle bangs an inverted U shape, which protrudes from the middle and the short sides.

Step 4: When trimming the bangs again, the scissors should properly tilted cut out a bang of curvature, as shown below.

Step 5: We use the roll comb placed in the middle bangs, roll it up with a roll comb, use a hair dryer to blow the hair, let the hair become fluffy and elegant, and the air bangs can naturally form!