New trend big face Japanese short hair style

Short hair has become a new trend in hair fashion. Everyone actually has their own short hair. Not only small-faced girls play short hair to look good, but in fact, many Japanese big-faced girls interpret short hair.

There is a light and fashionable style, of course, the focus is on choosing the right hair style for your own. What are the short hair styles for Japanese short hair big-faced girls?

Big face Japanese short hair style

Japanese short hair

In the short hair, the highest rate of this buckled wave hair type is undoubtedly the gospel of the big-faced girls. The overall hair taken care of to the length of the neck.

And the tail is designed to have the fluffy effect of the micro-roll buckle, and the age-reducing effect. Awesome Qi Liuhai is the best match for the Japanese-style big-faced girl.

Japanese short hair

Big face girls have their own differences, like the forehead part of the big part affects the overall face shape, just this Qi Liu’s mushroom head short hair style can be.

Fluffy flat eyebrows short hair style, looks sophisticated and stylish, with the face the most suitable for Japanese big-faced girls.

Japanese short hair

The camel-colored shoulder-knit sweater has a good figure and a light taste. The choice of hair style is a slanting semi-circular wave-wave type. The bangs with a good feeling and the overall fluffy and face-lifting effect.

Japanese short hair

Nowadays more and more girls are trying out all kinds of short hair, like this Japanese short hair big-faced girl, an irregular bangs fluffy short hair curling perm.

The texture is full and lazy, the shape is very good. With the Japanese-style light makeup, the big face is small and both look.

Japanese short hair

The combination of gray knit cardigan and blue jeans is full of casual style, but for Japanese big-faced girls.

This oblique semi-circular short-hair perm is the most noteworthy, good-looking bangs, maroon hair color and The tail of the curl inside buckle is very good for the face.