Super practical and correct hair care coup

You must think that you will wash your hair. After all, it sounds too simple. But do you really wash your hair? Is your shampooing technique to help your hair be healthier and more shiny, or is it actually dragging them?

You know super practical and correct hair care coup

“As far as I am concerned, I am a faithful believer in the two-way shampooing method,” said George Northwood, a stylist who manages hair by stars such as Alexa Chung, Alicia Vikander and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

“Most people don’t really wash their hair when they wash their hair. Finally, the hair is covered with a film, and this film will cause your hair to slowly become dull.

And tarnished.”With water, you can remove excess dirt when you wash the first time, and then you can actually wash it clean the second time. ”

hair care coup

According to Northwood, the main mistake we generally make hair care coup is to use too much shampoo. When we find that the bubbles are not rich enough, we can’t help but increase. Washing twice does not mean that you will use more shampoo – even you will find that the amount is less.

Northwood says that for most types of hair care coup, it’s best to wash your head every two to three days.

But obviously those with particularly fine hair may like to wash their hair more often.

While those with very curly or fluffy hair usually It may take a longer time to wash your head.

hair care coup

When it comes to conditioner, you should take your own hair as the standard. Those with very thin hair may not like to use any conditioner at all.

Others who prefer to apply some conditioner to their hair ends, or It is completely covered when the hair is particularly dry or rough.

“If the hair is really thick, apply a little more,” Northwood said. “It’s also useful to wring your hair and then apply conditioner. If the hair care coup is too wet, it will only dilute the product.

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In short, our point is that if you use the two-pass shampoo method, you can really wash your hair. You can also more easily detect the real needs of your hair. For hair that quickly becomes greasy.

Northwood recommends using a leave-in spray conditioner that feels lighter than the conditioner used in showers and is less heavy and greasy.

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“Shipping your hair care coup is also about using the right product to find something that suits your hair,” he said. “Many people have a deformed understanding of their hair.

Always thinking that their hair is much dryer than it is, so they compensate with too nourishing products. This only leads to serious fouling, and if you use a lighter wash Hair and conditioner will get better results.”

Finally, we still have to say something reassuring to everyone who is most worried about being shy when shampooing.

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“If you find a lot of hair care coup in the drain after washing your head, don’t worry too much,” Northwood said. “Unless the amount of hair loss is too large, or if you find signs of excessive hair loss on some parts of your scalp.