The hottest net red bangs

2018, the hottest hairstyle is definitely not the net red bangs, and with the net red bangs, no matter what hairstyle can change the foreign language.

The other person’s face and cheekbones are even more instantly slap in the face.

If you are this Face type, come and try the most popular net red bangs.

What kind of face is suitable for net red bangs

net red bangs

The curved red bend, the length to the chin of the net red bangs, just cover the lower squat line of the ridge.

You change the V face without cutting the bone.

nd even the high shin can be modified, the entire face of the line changes It’s soft, from a slightly MAN-like man’s face to a gentle gentle lady.

net red bangs

First pull the ear up to the top of the head, the hair in front of the ear pulled out, usually the block of air bangs only in the middle of the triangle.

But the angle of the net red bangs a little bigger, the hair volume about a small bundle The amount.

The amount hair that carefully separated is too much into a month.

net red bangs

After releasing, the hair tail is neatly tidy. I know that I cut it at first glance, and it is not good to look at the roll. Therefore, it is necessary to trim and thin the skin naturally, and straighten the bangs and scissors into straight.

From the bottom to the bottom. Make a thin trim, remember that the length of the outside is longer, and the shorter it is, the shorter it is.

net red bangs

In fact, this is almost cut, the last slight curl, the bangs beautiful.

Pull the bangs  the front, with a large diameter electric rod (32~38mm).

The whole squat up, inside and out, and stay After 3~5 seconds,  so that the bangs don’t roll too much.