2018 autumn and winter trendy hairstyle

What hairstyles look good in autumn and winter 2018? Is there any hairstyle that looks great no matter how you stay? According to the current trend, recommend these 3 models for everyone, which one will you pick?

wool roll trendy hairstyle

Want a stylish and beautiful hairstyle? Many people voted for their first ticket to wool curls. This trendy hairstyle has been popular since last year, especially in the star circle. It is highly sought after. Stars such as Zhao Liying and Jing Tian have already changed this model early. I feel that this hairstyle will be very hot this year!

trendy hairstyle

The wool roll is different from the noodle head. It is a kind of curly hair that starts from the root. But the hair has a lot of fluffiness and curl than the noodle head, and it is also younger. It is especially suitable for hair with less hair or forehead. Inter-line) high girls, increase the amount of hair, modify the face, really not too practical!

This trendy hairstyle is often paired with short hair. After the hair is cut short, it is turned into a natural wool roll. Even a simple middle point makes people feel cute and young. This kind of sweetness is really suitable for autumn and winter. .

Girls with shoulders are also very suitable for making wool curls, then cut a bang, plus fluffy perm wrapped in cheeks, super face small!

trendy hairstyle

Long hair with shoulder hair is also super nice, and the curl is bigger and more eye-catching! Staying big and long hair doesn’t want to be too exaggerated? You can learn to reduce the tape in hair extensions uk in spring and summer. The loose curls look more everyday, and the hat is also fashion.

lazy roll trendy hairstyle

In the hairstyle of girls, curly hair has always occupied an absolute advantage. The slightly sleek curly hair style allows you to inadvertently exude a small sexy, temperament and feminine temperament is also a curse! However, it is difficult to make this kind of curl to the barber shop to make a perfect effect at one time. It is recommended that you roll your own hair curler at home.

trendy hairstyle

There is a transition period from short hair to long hair. It is also very suitable to keep this hairstyle. The micro-roll design is simple and easy to care for. It is also very feminine.

The girl’s clavicle hair is also very suitable for this kind of lazy roll, draped down gently and pleasant, and a ball head is more fresh and smart, age-reducing and temperament.

If a girl keeps her long hair, she will become a lazy roll. In fact, she still needs to lose her age. The curly hair style has a sense of sensibility. It can also add value to the temperament. This trendy hairstyle has a benefit, like this. The hairdressing barber shop can be hot, and then you can use it once a day to catch it, and it is relatively simple to take care of.

trendy hairstyle

Looking at the demonstrations of the stars, everyone prefers to use the eight-character bangs or the dragon bangs to match the lazy curls. The forehead can also enhance the overall sense of vitality, adding a younger temperament and more agility.

Bob head trendy hairstyle

This trendy hairstyle can highlight your facial features to the greatest extent. Because the length is very short, it is also the most picking thing to cut, from face shape to temperament to appearance.

If you want a fresh and literary style, try this partial wave head;

trendy hairstyle

The high-spirited personality, the bobo hairstyle is more popular, the whole person looks more youthful and more energetic, but the main point of this trendy hairstyle is that the hair must not stick to the scalp, otherwise it looks very rigid.

The side of the side + inner button like this looks more gentle, compared with the middle point is also more face-small, not confident on the face, cut short hair, this preferred, the length to the collar also very temperament.

trendy hairstyle

A little bit of bangs’s wave head, it is most suitable for creating the perfect student girl shape, and it is also one of the most loved hairstyles. The sweet lady who looks good can recommend it, cute and age-reducing, and it is a proper first love face!

When the hair is a little long, it is super cute to tie a ball or make a small tweezers. It will magnify the pure feeling and it is also a proper haircut!