Goddess loves the egg roll hair type

In today’s era of short hair, hair styles have a variety of names: lotus leaf head, egg roll head, instant noodles, etc., where the heat of the egg roll hair is long, and continues to be sought after by many sisters, whether it is a star Or net red, I love this hairstyle, let’s take a look at the magic of this hairstyle.

egg roll hair

Our Xiao Hua Dan is basically a smooth long hair style from the debut. Compared with her soft shape, I think the design of “slight short hair + egg roll head” is more in line with her youthful temperament.

The short hair styling hairtail processed the microwave roll, which improves the bulkiness of the overall shape, and the self-timer of the toot lip sells the power of MAX!

egg roll hair

The curling of the egg roll head is relatively loose. Personally, the length of the hair medium and short hair, which is suitable for cute girls.

Super Goddess Fan’s Egg Roll Hair Type

After the haircut is finished, many girls may struggle cut a bang. In fact, this hairstyle is very versatile, and cutting the bangs depends on what style you like.

The Korean-style air bangs and egg roll heads are the most classic collocations. The hair tails and pink coats that roll outwards seem to make the girl feel cute and cute.

egg roll hair

The shape of the net red eight-character bangs and egg roll head also loved thousands sisters. Compared with the air bangs, the bangs can highlight the feminine and sexy side of women.

If you think that there is not a lot of bangs, you can also try the egg heads of the three-seven points and the middle points. They can modify the face very well. For the round-faced girl and the girl who wants to create a small face. It is very suitable.

egg roll hair

In addition, I am quietly telling you a little secret, do the color of the egg roll hair must be color, must do color

Must do color, important things say three times, if you don’t make color, it will look like the following hairstyle.

It looks very dull, like a “hat” to go out, if not by the face value Support, it will be even more ugly……..

egg roll hair

In terms of color selection, if you don’t like too bright colors, you can choose a simple brown color. The brown color is the best color for Asians, and it will increase the texture of the hair. A lot of hair is beautiful.

egg roll hair

Seeing that there may be many sisters who think that the egg roll hair and the water ripples are very similar. In fact, they still have some differences. The water ripples have a clearer layer of hair, and the curl is relatively neat.

Which is more suitable for long hair styles. If you prefer Mature and feminine style, then you can try the ripples.