Goddess loves the egg roll hair type

In today’s era of short hair, hair styles have a variety of names: lotus leaf head, egg roll head, instant noodles, etc., where the heat of the egg roll hair is long, and continues to be sought after by many sisters, whether it is a star Or net red, I love this hairstyle, let’s take a look at the magic of this hairstyle.

egg roll hair

Our Xiao Hua Dan is basically a smooth long hair style from the debut. Compared with her soft shape, I think the design of “slight short hair + egg roll head” is more in line with her youthful temperament.

The short hair styling hairtail processed the microwave roll, which improves the bulkiness of the overall shape, and the self-timer of the toot lip sells the power of MAX!

egg roll hair

The curling of the egg roll head is relatively loose. Personally, the length of the hair medium and short hair, which is suitable for cute girls.

Super Goddess Fan’s Egg Roll Hair Type

After the haircut is finished, many girls may struggle cut a bang. In fact, this hairstyle is very versatile, and cutting the bangs depends on what style you like.

The Korean-style air bangs and egg roll heads are the most classic collocations. The hair tails and pink coats that roll outwards seem to make the girl feel cute and cute.

egg roll hair

The shape of the net red eight-character bangs and egg roll head also loved thousands sisters. Compared with the air bangs, the bangs can highlight the feminine and sexy side of women.

If you think that there is not a lot of bangs, you can also try the egg heads of the three-seven points and the middle points. They can modify the face very well. For the round-faced girl and the girl who wants to create a small face. It is very suitable.

egg roll hair

In addition, I am quietly telling you a little secret, do the color of the egg roll hair must be color, must do color

Must do color, important things say three times, if you don’t make color, it will look like the following hairstyle.

It looks very dull, like a “hat” to go out, if not by the face value Support, it will be even more ugly……..

egg roll hair

In terms of color selection, if you don’t like too bright colors, you can choose a simple brown color. The brown color is the best color for Asians, and it will increase the texture of the hair. A lot of hair is beautiful.

egg roll hair

Seeing that there may be many sisters who think that the egg roll hair and the water ripples are very similar. In fact, they still have some differences. The water ripples have a clearer layer of hair, and the curl is relatively neat.

Which is more suitable for long hair styles. If you prefer Mature and feminine style, then you can try the ripples.

Winter fashion personality hair color

Hair dyeing has also become a common thing in everyone’s daily life. Now in this upcoming winter, is it also necessary to bring a trendy style to your winter hairstyle, of course.

Winter hair styles must be more fashionable and stylish,While choosing the style Don’t forget the fashion hair color to make your hair style more fashionable and stylish!

Winter personality hair color styles must be more fashionable and stylish

personality hair color

Very stylish and stylish, a linen white gold personality hair color, a simple low-tie hair can not block the fashion charm of this one.

In this cold autumn and winter to add more temperament, more eye-catching Have personality!

personality hair color

Very popular with girls, the name is also very nice, the low-key pink on the thin plum hair can bring more sweetness to the girls, and the long curly hair is full of girls. what!

personality hair color

A very normal personality hair color should be tried by many girls. Firstly, the hair color of bitter linen is very fresh and beautiful with the natural micro-curls. In this autumn and winter season, it is the one that I brought to myself.

personality hair color

The color of the green wood linen ash texture, very high-grade personality.

Fluffy long curly hair with a more stylish fashion goddess temperament, that kind  fashion sense brought to the girl inadvertently More fashion.

personality hair color

Under the sunshine, this fluffy long hair exudes dazzling light, and the fashionable low-key sand gold should also be very autumn and winter season. In the sun, it is more gentle and charming.

And the middle design is more A few points of the goddess temperament.

personality hair color

Very warm-colored chocolate personality hair color,

it is the girl’s favorite low-key hair color, simple with a medium-length hair is very good looking temperament.

In this autumn and winter, no longer have to worry about their hair problems. !

Troubled by hair loss throughout the year

Looking at the increasingly scarce volume and the increasingly retreating hairline is still indifferent?

Use a simple “pull test” to help you determine if there is hair loss. Just pull the hair 6-8 times and see if there are more than 3 hairs pulled down. If so, it means that the hair follicles are weak. Be especially careful. In addition to the number of hair loss exceeds the normal value, the hairline moves backward, the unilateral or bilateral forehead, and the local hair such as the top of the head become sparse, which is also a manifestation of hair loss.

Common cause of hair loss: seborrheic alopecia

The scalp oil is intensified, dandruff is increased, and the hair on the forehead and head is gradually falling off.

In medicine, seborrheic alopecia and androgenetic alopecia refer to the same thing, the first reason is the abnormal secretion of androgen in the body.

And the second is Malassezia infection. Both men and women may cause excessive secretion of androgen or fungal infections due to mood, stress, diet, genetics, etc., so seborrheic alopecia is not divided between men and women.

hair loss

When choosing shampoo, in addition to having a gentle and efficient cleaning power, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether it has the effect of soothing the scalp.

And firming hair roots, so as to help prevent hair loss. Learn to relax and learn to relax your scalp.

Use a scalp massage comb with a maintenance effect to relieve scalp tension, promote blood circulation and promote hair growth.

Severe seborrheic alopecia is recommended for help-seeking doctors, using oral and topical drugs for synergistic treatment.

Common causes of hair loss 2: pregnancy hair loss

Generally, in the early stage pregnancy or after the production, hair loss, hair loss increase, hairline line, the forehead hair loss drastically reduced.

Some expectant mothers affected progesterone during pregnancy, or lack of nutrition, psychological stress, etc..

Resulting in insufficient blood supply to the scalp, resulting in increased hair. After production, as the level of hormones declines, maternal problems are common. However, after 6-12 months, with the adjustment of hormones, some people will slowly improve, and some will find it difficult to return to the previous volume.

hair loss

It is important choose solid hair anti-offwash products and special scalp products maintain the scalp and strengthen the hair roots.

So that the hair volume restored.

A good night’s sleep, a balanced diet, and an optimistic attitude will allow your hair follicles to enter the growth phase as early as possible.

Common causes of hair loss 3: Seasonal hair loss

The number of hair increases during the season, but it will gradually return to normal.

When the seasons alternate, the temperature fluctuates greatly and the scalp is easily sensitive. The dry weather accelerates the evaporation of moisture from the hair, damages the scales and hair structure, and triggers the discovery.

hair loss

When the temperature is high in summer, the scalp pores are easy to open, and at the same time the body’s metabolism is extremely strong, and mild hair is also prone to occur. However, the general hair during the season is temporary and will not last.

Do a good job of daily hair scalp maintenance, try to avoid hair dyeing and perming during the season.

So as not to stimulate the scalp to damage the hair and aggravate hair loss. In general, at the same time as hair, the new hair entering the growing season will continue to grow, and the volume will become the same as before.

Common causes of hair loss 4: dyeing and hair loss

After hot dyeing, the hair becomes weak, hair extensions uk and hair loss increase, and the hair volume becomes less.

Hair loss after hot dyeing severely irritated by the scalp and hair follicles. Irritating hair perm can also cause chemical hair.

hair loss

If hair occurs immediately after dyeing, you can immediately wash the scalp with plenty of water and replace the care product with a product suitable for sensitive scalp.

If you continue to lose hair after dyeing, you need to choose a product that strengthens the hair roots and nourishes the scalp to care for a period of time. At this time, you need to pause the hot dyed hair.

Various fashion bangs pick you up

Girls who like bangs have finally passed through the hot summer, ushered in no matter what bangs can stay in a cool autumn, is it very happy, then how should girls bangs hair style choose? I don’t know what kind of bangs girls I like, but the following six fashion bangs pick you up!

How to choose a girl fashion bangs hairstyle

fashion bangs

For the thin and light fashion bangs, it is exactly what many girls like very much. With any hairstyle, you can feel the fresh and sweet feeling of this one. Wu Jinyan’s long straight hair is matched with the air bangs, let that The temperament of one copy has become softer!

fashion bangs

Very casual haircut fashion bangs, very suitable for girls who stay at home during the National Day holiday.

So that your holiday will not be too decadent, but more fresh and stylish, with a simple tie Hair is also very good, simple and clean and sweet.

fashion bangs

The neat fashion bangs is the youthful memories of everyone, and it is also the popular bangs hairstyle that has always existed. A neat bangs can bring more youthful feelings to the girls. The long black hair has a little sense of randomness. , leave more memories for your youth!

fashion bangs

The playful and lovely eyebrows on the eyebrows are the hottest bangs of this year. Compared with the air bangs, it is more refreshing and sweet. With a simple hair band, your bangs will have more fashion charm, that is The most delicate girl!

fashion bangs

Curly hair bangs has a variety of stylish curly hair design, can also be combined with some curly hair style, which will make you more a little more cute, girls wear a blue striped shirt to feel the freshest and beautiful atmosphere.

fashion bangs

The fluffy eight-character bangs and short hair are also very perfect. The fashion bangs are slightly slim and slim, let you feel the delicate feeling。

Make a good-looking makeup, and show your most beautiful side!