Popular hair color to create fashion temperament

In the new year, girls who love beauty must be prepared to change their beauty from the beginning. The hair color of girls can greatly improve their temperament. The premise is to choose a suitable hair style for yourself.

Wine red hair color + micro curl

hair color

Micro-volume hairstyles have been particularly popular in the past two years, so what color is slightly curly? If you like the low-key fashion route, you may wish to try this burgundy hair. If you dye it on the horse, you will feel more temperament. In winter, the white coat will be more attractive, and the wine red hair is also one of the most obvious hair. Yo.

Light brown hair color + small curly hair

hair color

What color looks good in winter is a topic that many sister papers are considering now. Be sure to pick a suitable haircut before choosing a hair color that suits you. In the winter, long hair beauty, this small curly hair is really good, not only can create a lot of effects, dyed light brown is very versatile, breaking the dull and monotonous atmosphere of winter.

Chestnut hair color + Shoulder Hairstyle

hair color

Shoulder hairstyle is one of the most common hairstyles among girls, and it is believed that it will be inflamed in the 2018 popular hairstyle. So what color is best for winter to look good? Xiaobian recommends this chestnut-colored hair for everyone. It is not only fashionable and versatile, but also very low-key and beautiful.

Light chestnut hair color + shawl long hair

hair color

Winter long hair fluttering is very warm and healing people’s feelings. So, what color does winter long hair dye look good? Long-haired beauty wants change the temperament, as long as it replaced with a hair, it achieve a beautiful effect. Such a light chestnut hair is low-key and stylish, with the air bangs long hair sweet and tender, and at the sme time has a beautiful Korean temperament.

Meatball head is messy enough to be beautiful

Anyone who has long hair knows that the head of the ball that goes home is good to look at, but in the morning, there are hundreds of “concave” shapes before going out, but they have a “Dao Gu” head. The secret to making hairpins younger is to be loose and slightly messy, rather than being as close as a apple.

Cool high-Meatball head

Meatball head

The meatballs are fashionable and cool, but the bad ones will really become “Daogu”, especially the few stars. Therefore, before combing the head of the ball, the most important thing is to add texture to the hair, so that the head of the ball can be fixed well, and it can be fluffy and casual.

More hair meatball head

Meatball head

A girl with more hair like Karlie Kloss can comb the ponytail on the top of her head, then arbitrarily put her hair up, add a little sea salt spray, or use a light styling spray to keep the ball head longer.

Hair meatball head

Meatball head

One of the hottest hairstyles on the T-stage this year is to leave the hair tail exclusively. If you can’t fit the hair tail perfectly every time, try this method: leave the hair tail and use the hair wax. Fixing the left end of the hair to one side will make it look even cooler.

Meatball head

This hairstyle on the T stage is a good reference for those who are too flustered. It is not necessary to put all the hair in the tail. It is actually more fashionable than leaving it.

Modifying the hair of the meatball head with a ribbon

Meatball head

When the hair is a little short, it is a good way to use a silk scarf when you are afraid of not getting the perfect shape of the ball. Roll the hair out of the texture with a curling iron, loosely spread it over the top of the head.

And wrap the hair with a silk scarf, which will shift the line of sight on the head of the ball.

Lazy low-lying hairpin hair meatball head

Meatball head

Not everyone can tie a high-barreled head, but a hairpin that is only behind the head is easy. For example, Gigi Hadid’s low-tie hairpin only tied around the back the head, which lazy and fashionable.

Small straight hair style recommended

The small fresh hair style is a popular style in recent years, not only the small fresh straight hair hairstyle looks clean and neat, but also very beautiful temperament.

Today, I also brought a few small fresh straight hair styles, so that the straight hair style guarantees that everyone can easily lose their favorite boys.

This year’s most popular hair straight hair style recommended by boys

straight hair

This long straight hair style with light brown hair dye makes the girl look fresh and sweet. The combination of no bangs highlights the bright forehead and a beautiful face, so how can you like this hairstyle?

straight hair

The black long straight small fresh hair must be the killer of many school flowers used for sucking.

And simply put the soft straight hair on the shoulders to exude a charming atmosphere. Then the hair is distributed in the middle.

Which instantly makes the facial features and faces of the sister become more three-dimensional.

straight hair

A long black hair is scattered on the beauty back of the girl, and the whole feeling is so beautiful and so fresh and charming. The design of the distribution of the hair is highlighted by the three-dimensional facial features and the delicate goose face. Coupled with a small off-shoulder dress, it is even more beautiful.

straight hair

Small fresh taste This hair straight along the cheeks naturally scattered on the shoulders.

Not only can modify the cheeks to give off a rich and fresh temperament, so people have to be captivated by you.

straight hair

After the fresh hair matched with Han Fan’s air bangs, it becomes more sweet and sucking.

And the natural black hair color makes the whole shape become beautiful, so the girls will quickly start.

Stylish boy short hair style

In the summer, many boys are entangled in what kind of popular hairstyles to change, that is, to cool a summer.

But also to attract a lot of beautiful women’s eyes,

Check out the most fashionable boys short hair style in summer

short hair
The dark texture of the perm hair, the beauty of the handsome man’s facial features, more perfect, fluffy texture hot effect, let you feel the trend of Korean hair style.

short hair

The handsome Korean texture hot hair style makes you the most eye-catching focus in front of everyone. Firstly, the slightly slanted bangs present a Korean style and make you feel the trend of Korean hair style easily.

short hair

The clear striped texture of the haircut captures the hearts of many girls, and the reddish-brown hair adds a lot to his masculine charm.

short hair

Typical small fresh men’s hair style, do not need extra modification.

Natural black hair classic masculinity, slightly hot bangs, round face is also cute and handsome.

short hair

Very gentle texture hot hair, black hair is refreshing and natural.

And the personality of the bangs design, let you feel the trend of short hair.

short hair

Fashionable boys’ textures, hot hair extensions uk, brown hair, handsome personality, exquisite contours are more and more prominent under the bangs decoration, especially a pair of melancholy eyes, it is full of power.

Five tips to prevent hair loss

What should I do if I wash my hair off a lot of hair? To tell the truth, this problem is really encountered  many people at present; shampoo has changed a lot of kinds, but still wash a lot of hair when washing.
hair loss

They are all at a point where they can’t do anything, even if they can’t be discouraged, otherwise they will become bald. The following experts will bring you a few tips to prevent hair loss, let’s take a look.

Prevent hair loss tips, correct shampoo and comb

When shampooing, pour a proper amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand and add water to the skin. After foaming, touch the scalp and hair. Do not use excessive force to rub your hair extensions when your hands are in contact with your hair, as the wet hair is fragile and vulnerable.

hair loss

It is better to wash your hair with a natural sagging posture. After washing, apply conditioner, add moisturizer if necessary, and do not use nylon comb and head brush when combing hair.

Prevent hair loss coups 2. Water temperature should be high to low when shampooing

The water temperature can be 30-40 °C, do not overheat. Too hot will make the hair become crisp and easy to break off, then the decontamination will be poor.

Prevent hair loss coups 3. Shampoo time should be appropriate

hair loss

Shampoo should not stay on your head for more than 5 minutes and should be rinsed off as soon as possible. You can wash your hair in the morning or at night, but you should wait for your hair to dry before you go to sleep.

Prevent hair loss coup 4, shampoo frequency should be moderate

In the south or in the summer, or if you have too much oil and feel uncomfortable, you can wash it once a day. In the north or winter, washing 2-3 times a week is enough.

hair loss

Prevent hair loss coup 5, smear oil

Usually apply more oil to the head so that the hair can look black and supple. When the hair is washed, the hair will not be knotted because of the oil on the hair. Therefore, it will not lose a lot of hair because it is not straight.

Note: The head oil was very popular more than 10 years ago. Now it is basically invisible. If it is not found, replace it with essential oil.

Pure black long straight hairstyle

There are a lot of girls’ hairstyles, so everyone gradually forgets the purest and simplest black long straight hairstyle, but the black long straight is not a versatile hairstyle.

Some people’s black long straight hairstyle is the first love, and some people’s black long straight hair style is comparable to the scene of a car accident, so the hair style is beautiful, it is still necessary to choose according to the face type.

Pure black long straight hairstyle best friend of first love girlfriend

straight hairstyle

Isn’t this the first time to love his girlfriend’s feel? In the shade of summer, you close your eyes and smell the fragrance of the leaves, or the taste of nature is the sweetest. The first love is like this gentle early summer, always sweet and extra bitter.

straight hairstyle

Purple short-sleeved with denim sneakers, waterfall-like hair shining in the sun, retro style, let me want to be closer to the shining girl in front of me.

straight hairstyle

In a casual dress, you have a black hair that is envied by everyone, sweet and pure, easy to turn, but always painted in my heart.

Under the natural long hair style of the side is your delicate face, like a moving picture, sometimes squinting, showing the naughty cute side, in fact, I like your side.

straight hairstyle

Under the soft light, your natural black long straight hairstyle, three-dimensional facial features, launched a wave of beauty crit from the side face, you are as rare and precious as the blue flowers.

Child dancing Meatball head tie

The little girls nowadays all like to dance very much, so when we dance, we must have a very good haircut, but how do our children wear some beautiful dancing hairstyles?

In fact, children’s dancing hairstyles are very simple.We can tie our hair into this kind of ball head, so that no matter which type of dance the children dance, they are a beautiful angel on the stage. Let’s come together. Take a look at these good children’s ball heads.
Meatball head

The meatball head is a hair style, first popular in Japan, and sought after by young girls and mature women. There are many kinds of meatballs, most of which are based on the ponytail. The hair is twisted into a single piece and turned into a disc. Fixed with a small black card.

Dancing Meatball head

The ball head tie can be used to make the hair into a child’s dancing hairstyle, and then add a beautiful little hair flower. This kind of ball head is so cute, just like a stage. Little angel, beautiful and cute.

Meatball head

The hair of the dancing ball is very beautiful. There is no bangs hair type of children’s balls, plus a beautiful little hair flower, looking at the perfect and beautiful, such a ball head is good and natural, especially cute.

Meatball head

The cute little girl, with two very cute dancing meatball head, plus a beautiful little hair flower to decorate, such a child’s head is good-looking and flattering, especially on the stage. It is perfect when used in performances.

Meatball head

The meatball head can also be added with a beautiful little hair flower. This is also a very graceful female dancing head. The girl wears a white dress again. Is it particularly sweet to watch? Children’s ball heads use this hairstyle.

Meatball head

Do children have to wear a meatball head tie? Sometimes you can make your hair into a small braid. This kind of small literary fan dress is also good on the stage. You can see how cute this little girl is.

Woven hot air bangs

Girls all like perm hair styles, and when they get hot, they will become very sweet. Nowadays, this kind of woven bangs hairstyle is popular. This kind of woven hot hair looks very beautiful and natural, bangs It can make you more soft. Now there are a lot of students who like this long hair style.

And the hair is made of woven hot air bangs. This hair style not only has a good face repair effect, but also looks very sweet. Nature.
air bangs

Girl air bangs woven hot hair

Qi Liuhai’s girl’s air bangs hair style, such long hair hair style hair, hair looks a little small roll, such woven hot air Liu Hai is the most beautiful, pear head style woven hot look It is generous and very fashionable.

air bangs

This kind of air bangs style girl pear flower hairstyle, coupled with a good-looking woven hot, such long hair hairstyle is very age-receiving, want to make yourself more playful and look good? Which one chooses such a bangs’ pear flower woven hot air bangs long hair haircut hairstyle.

air bangs

The front is a light and sleek air bangs woven hot hair, our beautiful bangs hair perm hairstyle does not have to make hair hair, we can also tie up the hair to form a good looking small ball head.

air bangs

Girls with melon seeds, many people like this kind of woven hot air bangs hair style.

Such a woven hot hair long, look is only beautiful, bangs woven long hair, and then with a vest-style Small skirt, which is too beautiful.

air bangs

The face is a very small girl, the hair is very good, Qi Liu’s pear hair made, and with the bangs. it seems that this shoulder-style woven hair style has become more beautiful and lovely, no matter which one The bangs are suitable for the season.