Refreshing and short hair style

Short hair has different popular styles. Generally, what we that the girls who dare cut short hair are all worthy of the face, bringing a different short hair.

Not looking at the short hair style of the face value, like you come in and see.Do not look at the short hair of the face value, to be refreshed and free

Short hair that has to be refreshed and has a value

short hair style

The sleek short hair style design very star-studded, and the large-volume curly hair machine is handsome and sexy. After dyeing this fashionable hair color, it becomes more light and full of lively temperament.

short hair style

The short hair in the middle said to be a very good shape for the girl with a big face. The big hair in the big s hair is down with the face, showing a beautiful sense of curvature, and looking full of romantic atmosphere.

short hair style

In fact, the girl with a face can also trim such a short hair style.

And combine the cute and fleshy face shapes to create a lovely cute girl, which is also a good expression.

short hair style

The exaggerated inner curls directly above the corners of the mouth, it seems to give a naughty sense of sight.

The lovely air bangs stars in the amount of money.

It looks very cute, although there is no superior value, there is also a goddess fan.

short hair style

The manicured short hair tail gives a strong sense of sight.

And the stylish coffee color makes the hair more textured. The length wrapped in the face, which looks both slim and face-lifting.

short hair style

The cute short hair is of course the same, with a playful hair style that strongly changes the overall visual sense.

Leaving a strong sense of staying cute.

And then making a small ball on the top of the hair, it is even more lovely.