Correct use of comb hair care method

Combs are used in everybody’s life, but serious hair loss is a lot of troubles for people. Maybe you didn’t use the comb, so what kind of comb is best for combing your hair care?

Do you know which hair care methods are used correctly

According the function, the comb divided into shape comb, curly hair, straight hair, scratching, etc. The massage comb has air cushion comb, clean comb, etc. The care comb clip in hair extensions growth and special function comb distributed, untie, anti-static, donkey, etc. Combs have their own uses and are suitable for the crowd.

When the comb is only a single appearance, we can only classify them according to the material: wooden comb, horn comb, plastic comb, etc. There are 5 series of high-end boutique combs and health combs, with a total of more than 300 varieties.

Nylon comb and head brush, because nylon comb and head brush are easy to generate static electricity.

It will bring bad stimulation to hair care and scalp. The most ideal comb is to choose boxwood comb and bristle brush, which can not only remove dandruff, but also increase hair. The gloss can also massage the scalp to promote blood circulation.

The cleaning of the comb is also very important. Otherwise, even if the comb is on the top, the dirt on the top is in contact with the scalp for a long time.

Which may easily cause itching and allergies of the scalp. To clean the comb, soak the comb in soapy water for ten minutes, then scrub with a towel and rinse off with water.

How to use a comb to protect hair care

Comb combing is a very common thing. So how do you use combs without losing hair? In fact, when we comb our hair care, we can use a comb to gently traverse the scalp, which can stimulate the nerve endings of the hair parts, stimulate the cerebral cortex, regulate the function of the head nerves, relax the nervous state of the head。

And promote blood circulation, especially It is a person who suffers from neurasthenia or insomnia and thinks about the neurological headache caused by filtration. Comb a few minutes a day with a comb.

And then use a comb to scrape the scalp several times to achieve a good relief effect on some bad symptoms.

Every morning, lunch break, and before going to bed, start with your hands and fingers on the forehead, combing from front to back to the hairline. It is better to slow down the movement, and it is better to comb the scalp while combing. The time is about ten minutes.

You can also lick a few times when you have time, so your mind will become clear, sleep will be better, and your hair will be more It is shiny and can prevent senile hair loss.