2018 main fashion hairstyle color

Every year, everyone has a high degree of attention to hair color, so what color is popular in 2018? Which of the popular hair color in 2018 is the hottest and the most popular?

2018 popular hairstyle color is a few main

Angel blue

hairstyle color

Angel Blue is the most popular color every summer, and it is a very good hair color for white skin sister paper.

The fresh sky blue hairstyle color has a uniform saturation, not too glaring, very beautiful, and it is a fashionable feeling. It is a cool feeling in the summer. Whether it is short hair or short hair, it is dyed with this angel blue. One second becomes a temperamental little fairy.

Fresh powder

hairstyle color

Pink pop hair color has been one of the most popular hair color in the past two years, whether it is cherry blossom powder, peach blossom, peach pollen and other hair color, high saturation, low saturation are beautiful pink hair color, and In the shape of the hair style, the style is diverse and the personality is trendy. The pink character with high saturation is conspicuous, whitening and brightening the skin tone, and the light pink is fresh and transparent, although it is low-key but not stylish.

Golden peach red

hairstyle color

The color of the golden peach red is also the style of the tidal hair color. The golden peach red is different from the standard red or pink, but the pink and red neutralized together to form the golden peach red, which wants to show the complexion and want to show the skin white. For the sister paper, you must not miss this, the effect is super age, and the personality is fashionable.


hairstyle color

Gray-blue is different from the bright-eyed angel blue and malachite green. It is a gray-blue hair color that is neutral to gray and blue. Many sister papers don’t want to make their hair color and other colors, so they I really like the trendy gray-blue color of this personality. It is not high-profile, but low-key and textured, with a sense of freshness, whiteness, personality, and handsome.

light grey

hairstyle color

Although the light gray hairstyle color does not seem to be as high-profile as the high-saturation hair color, a little misty purple is mixed with a shallow but beautiful, but it is particularly textured, fashionable, and very fairy. A hair color, whether it is white or yellow skin, controlled.

Linen gold

hairstyle color

The color of linen gold is the color of the explosion in the popular hair color every year. Although it is just plain yellow, the effect of whitening is just right. Compared with black, it is more atmospheric, whiter and natural. Generous, everyday versatile style.

Linen brown

hairstyle color

Don’t want  too swayed, too high-profile girls to dye what hair color is good? Then it is necessary choose this brown color, the process dyeing hairstyle color is not complicated, you dye the hair color without drifting, although the hair color is not very bright, but it is a fashionable and foreign hair color, all year round. Suitable for everyday hair style, it is also suitable for workplace ol.