Meatball head is messy enough to be beautiful

Anyone who has long hair knows that the head of the ball that goes home is good to look at, but in the morning, there are hundreds of “concave” shapes before going out, but they have a “Dao Gu” head. The secret to making hairpins younger is to be loose and slightly messy, rather than being as close as a apple.

Cool high-Meatball head

Meatball head

The meatballs are fashionable and cool, but the bad ones will really become “Daogu”, especially the few stars. Therefore, before combing the head of the ball, the most important thing is to add texture to the hair, so that the head of the ball can be fixed well, and it can be fluffy and casual.

More hair meatball head

Meatball head

A girl with more hair like Karlie Kloss can comb the ponytail on the top of her head, then arbitrarily put her hair up, add a little sea salt spray, or use a light styling spray to keep the ball head longer.

Hair meatball head

Meatball head

One of the hottest hairstyles on the T-stage this year is to leave the hair tail exclusively. If you can’t fit the hair tail perfectly every time, try this method: leave the hair tail and use the hair wax. Fixing the left end of the hair to one side will make it look even cooler.

Meatball head

This hairstyle on the T stage is a good reference for those who are too flustered. It is not necessary to put all the hair in the tail. It is actually more fashionable than leaving it.

Modifying the hair of the meatball head with a ribbon

Meatball head

When the hair is a little short, it is a good way to use a silk scarf when you are afraid of not getting the perfect shape of the ball. Roll the hair out of the texture with a curling iron, loosely spread it over the top of the head.

And wrap the hair with a silk scarf, which will shift the line of sight on the head of the ball.

Lazy low-lying hairpin hair meatball head

Meatball head

Not everyone can tie a high-barreled head, but a hairpin that is only behind the head is easy. For example, Gigi Hadid’s low-tie hairpin only tied around the back the head, which lazy and fashionable.