Small straight hair style recommended

The small fresh hair style is a popular style in recent years, not only the small fresh straight hair hairstyle looks clean and neat, but also very beautiful temperament.

Today, I also brought a few small fresh straight hair styles, so that the straight hair style guarantees that everyone can easily lose their favorite boys.

This year’s most popular hair straight hair style recommended by boys

straight hair

This long straight hair style with light brown hair dye makes the girl look fresh and sweet. The combination of no bangs highlights the bright forehead and a beautiful face, so how can you like this hairstyle?

straight hair

The black long straight small fresh hair must be the killer of many school flowers used for sucking.

And simply put the soft straight hair on the shoulders to exude a charming atmosphere. Then the hair is distributed in the middle.

Which instantly makes the facial features and faces of the sister become more three-dimensional.

straight hair

A long black hair is scattered on the beauty back of the girl, and the whole feeling is so beautiful and so fresh and charming. The design of the distribution of the hair is highlighted by the three-dimensional facial features and the delicate goose face. Coupled with a small off-shoulder dress, it is even more beautiful.

straight hair

Small fresh taste This hair straight along the cheeks naturally scattered on the shoulders.

Not only can modify the cheeks to give off a rich and fresh temperament, so people have to be captivated by you.

straight hair

After the fresh hair matched with Han Fan’s air bangs, it becomes more sweet and sucking.

And the natural black hair color makes the whole shape become beautiful, so the girls will quickly start.