Five tips to prevent hair loss

What should I do if I wash my hair off a lot of hair? To tell the truth, this problem is really encountered  many people at present; shampoo has changed a lot of kinds, but still wash a lot of hair when washing.
hair loss

They are all at a point where they can’t do anything, even if they can’t be discouraged, otherwise they will become bald. The following experts will bring you a few tips to prevent hair loss, let’s take a look.

Prevent hair loss tips, correct shampoo and comb

When shampooing, pour a proper amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand and add water to the skin. After foaming, touch the scalp and hair. Do not use excessive force to rub your hair extensions when your hands are in contact with your hair, as the wet hair is fragile and vulnerable.

hair loss

It is better to wash your hair with a natural sagging posture. After washing, apply conditioner, add moisturizer if necessary, and do not use nylon comb and head brush when combing hair.

Prevent hair loss coups 2. Water temperature should be high to low when shampooing

The water temperature can be 30-40 °C, do not overheat. Too hot will make the hair become crisp and easy to break off, then the decontamination will be poor.

Prevent hair loss coups 3. Shampoo time should be appropriate

hair loss

Shampoo should not stay on your head for more than 5 minutes and should be rinsed off as soon as possible. You can wash your hair in the morning or at night, but you should wait for your hair to dry before you go to sleep.

Prevent hair loss coup 4, shampoo frequency should be moderate

In the south or in the summer, or if you have too much oil and feel uncomfortable, you can wash it once a day. In the north or winter, washing 2-3 times a week is enough.

hair loss

Prevent hair loss coup 5, smear oil

Usually apply more oil to the head so that the hair can look black and supple. When the hair is washed, the hair will not be knotted because of the oil on the hair. Therefore, it will not lose a lot of hair because it is not straight.

Note: The head oil was very popular more than 10 years ago. Now it is basically invisible. If it is not found, replace it with essential oil.