Nursing hair makes your hair silky and elastic

Nowadays people are too concerned about the image, only want to follow the trend, hair style hair color changed one after another.

I have never thought about whether the hair will be worse or not. I often get my hair dry and dry, and I feel that there is a grass on my head. What about hair dry hair?

Coupe nursing hair one: wash your hair for two or three days

nursing hair

Washing your head too often will not only damage the hair roots, but also damage the hair’s hair. So in general, it is no problem to wash your hair in two or three days.

If you don’t feel that your scalp is itchy or your hair is too oily, you can consider washing your hair with essential oil, rubbing your scalp for a while, then washing it off with water.

Dry hair rancid will become noticeably smooth after a period of time, and it is not easy to damage itching oil.

Coupon nursing hair two: Coconut Oil Hair Care

nursing hair

Pure fresh coconut oil is the only oil that can reduce the loss of hair protein. It can give you healthy, natural hair, prevent dandruff, improve dry hair and prevent hair gray hair and baldness. Take a proper amount of coconut oil to massage the scalp and hair tips or apply coconut oil after washing.

Or use coconut oil to massage the head and scalp before going to bed. Rinse it with a weak acid shampoo the next morning. The hair extensions looks soft and smooth. Black and bright, effective control of dandruff. Wipe it two or three times a day and it will take a few weeks.

Coupling nursing hair three: rice vinegar softening hair

nursing hair

Shampoo with diluted rice vinegar or wine vinegar, combined with conditioner, to soften hair and inhibit dandruff.

Coupon nursing hair four: Use Vitamin E

nursing hair

Squeeze 3 vitamin E into the conditioner and mix well. After cleaning the hair, use a towel to dry the water, apply the skin care evenly on the hair, then wrap the hair in a hot towel. After about half an hour, remove the towel and rinse it off with water.

This method is special. Suitable for dry hair and knotted hair. It is used by people with damaged hair, but it should be noted that oily hair is not suitable for this method.