Girls short hair style Bobo hair

What kind of Bobo hair can repair and reduce age, but also make the temperament more prominent? Simple styling will give you an unexpected harvest, come check it out.

Recommend to help you create a charming temperament of Bobo hair

The thick Qi Liuhai and the simple wave head of the inner button type are also very age-reducing. Firstly, the simple inner button wave head makes the face look more petite.

With a polka-dot headband for a cute and playful look.

Firstly, Good-looking female student hair style, supple hair is refreshing and simple, the side of the oblique bangs repair face-lifting temperament.

Natural hair color fashion and beautiful, enhance the texture of the whole hairstyle, a round frame eyes more girls cute and cute.

This girl’s short hair style, purple red hair color is very eye-catching, dew shape, trimmed layered hair.

Make the whole hairstyle elegant and individual, plus a stylish hat, very suck Eyes are eye-catching.
Bobo hair

The slanted bangs are matched with the three-dimensional hairline of the inner button.

Which interprets the overall natural and fashionable feeling. The brown hair color reflects the romantic and elegant temperament.

The side-by-side bangs are simple and elegant, the natural hair color is simple.

Firstly, and pure, and the micro-volume short hair perm easily catches the ethereal feeling, showing a natural and elegant atmosphere.
Bobo hair

Qi Liu Haibo Bobo hair type, a more clever shape, black hair color is more loveable.

Pure hair tail to create the most exquisite palm face, Loli Rong face wearing a sweater shirt, the literary fresh temperament is full.

The perm hair short hair style of the buckle, the curled hair is full and rich.

Sweet and stylish, and the tidy bangs show the fresh fashion of Xiao Loli.

Firstly, this girl’s short hair style, large side oblique bangs to exquisite face, supple hair refreshing and sleek, stylish highlights more trendy, with a pair of black sunglasses, full of modern fan.