Blur color for straight hair

Blur color, this is a color, quite popular feeling, it is said that it is super suitable straight hair, what are the fuzzy color hair pictures?

To talk about this fuzzy color, this is a new color of hair dye, many people not have heard of it, what are the fuzzy color hair pictures.

Blur color

A long straight hair with a waist and waist satisfied with only the long straight state, try more styles, such as this light purple highlight, and the following fuzzy color highlights.

Recommended for blurry colors for straight hair

Originally dyed with royal blue hair color, you can add fuzzy color highlights on the original basis.

The hole feather color on the top of the head, the beauty is different.

Blur color

If you dare not dye your hair, try wigs. A few green wigs  hidden, beautiful and fashionable.

Firstly, the long red hair of the wine red is very suitable for girls with poor skin tone, and the rainbow orange print on the bangs part of the design is like a layer of light, which makes the sea out of the old.

This straight hair dyed design shows you the correct way to open the hair color watershed. The dazzling design of the fuzzy mosaic makes the straight hair more elegant and transparent.

Blur color

Firstly, the light-gloss long straight hair of the night glow, the color of the hair on the top of the ear, is very individual.

About this fuzzy color introduced here, if you are straight hair, then come and try this color.