what to do with greasy hair

It is believed that everyone will have experience when the hair is not a day, and the situation of the boys will be particularly serious. Even sometimes I wash my hair in the morning, and in the afternoon my hair will still be oily, it is really miserable!

Now let’s sort out the specific reasons for the hair oil to avoid the hair is always greasy!

Do you know what to do with greasy hair

First of all, too frequent shampooing can not solve the problem of greasy hair, but it will make the hair oily!

We need to know that every pore that grows in hair is accompanied by sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands secrete sebum, which is the source of oil on our hair. It moisturizes and protects hair and scalp.

greasy hair

Frequent cleaning of the sebum in the head stimulates our sebaceous secrete more oil to replenish the sebum that away, which in turn makes our scalp and hair more greasy.

Second, the choice of shampoo is also the main cause of hair oil. We know that if you want to wash your hair and scalp, you must keep the shampoo alkaline.

The inferior shampoo even increases the specific gravity of the alkaline substance. The alkaline substance stimulates and even damages the scalp.  More sebaceous glands to protect the scalp.

greasy hair

Third, sometimes in order to care for our hair, we have chosen after-wash care products such as conditioners and hair masks. The nutrients will  our hair more oily, even if they improperly.

Fourth, the excessive use of hair accessories is also the murderer of hair. In order to beautify our hair, sometimes we use a lot of hair gel, gel and other hair accessories to adhere to the surface of our hair, making our hair more greasy.

greasy hair

Fifth, the diet is high in oil, spicy, and eating more fried foods and junk foods will stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands。

Resulting in excessive oil, while frequent staying up late and lack of sleep, mental stress are common problems of urban people, but also become irreversible the trend of.