Refreshing and charming Meatball head

A variety of Meatball head were popular in the past, and each girl was showing the effect of her own Meatball head. So all kinds of charming and beautiful balls were popular, but for the disabled party, it was a torture.

On a hot summer day, the ball head will make you feel refreshed, and all your hair will be tied up to reveal a slender neck, which is very youthful.

Meatball head

The meatball head is a hair style, first popular in Japan, and sought after by young girls and mature women. There are many kinds of meatballs, most of which are based on the ponytail. The hair a single piece and turned a disc. Fixed with a small black card.

Summer refreshing and charming Meatball head

The Meatball head is constantly evolving and now has more styles. The way of the hair refurbished. The Meatball head not only highlights the cute side of the girl, but also serves as a dish when attending the banquet, demonstrating noble temperament.

This refreshing and charming ball head shows the girl’s playful and cute, the hair on the top of the head, and two curls naturally flow out on both sides, which better modify the face.

Firstly, this bangs with the shape of the ball head, sweet and pleasant, slightly hot air bangs plus the refreshing of the ball head, you can get attention.

Meatball head

A tall ball of meat, it seems that the whole person is even taller, a little taller girl can try it.

And then make some decorations, more playful and cute.

Finally, I introduced a short hair and a half-ball head to the sisters, which is an upgraded version of the ball head.