Qi Liu Haichang how long to change the air bangs

Liu Hai, many times, I want to change my bangs moments. How long does Liu Hai leave for air bangs? How does Qi Liuhai cut into air bangs?

Do not go to the barber shop to cut the bangs. Firstly, If the bangs block their eyes, cut off the part of the bangs that you want to keep, and keep the rest! It will take three months.

Qi Liuhai cuts the air by himself and must determine the size of the triangle according to the amount of hair.

Qi Liu Haichang how long to change the air bangs how to cut

Preparation tools: scissors, roll comb, hair dryer

The first step: take care of your bangs, use the two fingers to clamp the middle bangs down, determine the length you want, then pull it up and use scissors to cut the bangs.

Step 2: When trimming the bangs, be sure clamp it hard and trim it according to the horizontal direction so that the foundation can be laid. After trimming, the effect is as shown below.

air bangs

The third step: the bangs in the middle and the sides completely distinguished by the hand as shown in the figure, and then the middle bangs an inverted U shape, which protrudes from the middle and the short sides.

Step 4: When trimming the bangs again, the scissors should properly tilted cut out a bang of curvature, as shown below.

Step 5: We use the roll comb placed in the middle bangs, roll it up with a roll comb, use a hair dryer to blow the hair, let the hair become fluffy and elegant, and the air bangs can naturally form!