Big face for straight hair

Big face, this type of face, but many people are super troubles, big face for straight hair?

To talk about the shape of this face, this is something that many people have been paying attention to. The shape of this face is very diverse. For example, this big face, then, is the big face suitable for straight hair?

Big face for straight hair, remember to match the sun

Straight hair is a hair style that not only repairs the face, but also repairs the temperament. The hair style of the elegant fairy is always a sense of sensation, which makes girls very popular. What type of face is hair suitable for? Is the big round face suitable?

For a round face or a big face, choose a hair style. If conditions permit, consider this. The sun-colored hair that doesn’t stain the hair roots makes you feel like you are in the sun.

The girl with square face, the face is more square, and the forehead is wider or narrower, with straight hair that is partial to the bangs, and the metallic color is added to the straight hair, which is more abundant.

straight hair

The big round face girl’s straight hair hairstyle, the symmetrical bangs design, lengthens the face, makes the round face look no longer round, and looks more refined.

The mixed-race goddess Guo Biting has the perfect facial features. The goose egg face is very delicate, and the corn-hot design is added to theĀ  hair, which makes the shape more elegant.

The black long hair style is very temperamental, but the black straightness of the street is full of personality. Hairtail highlights this year’s popular “grass green” hair color, stylish and very gas field.