Nursing hair makes your hair silky and elastic

Nowadays people are too concerned about the image, only want to follow the trend, hair style hair color changed one after another.

I have never thought about whether the hair will be worse or not. I often get my hair dry and dry, and I feel that there is a grass on my head. What about hair dry hair?

Coupe nursing hair one: wash your hair for two or three days

nursing hair

Washing your head too often will not only damage the hair roots, but also damage the hair’s hair. So in general, it is no problem to wash your hair in two or three days.

If you don’t feel that your scalp is itchy or your hair is too oily, you can consider washing your hair with essential oil, rubbing your scalp for a while, then washing it off with water.

Dry hair rancid will become noticeably smooth after a period of time, and it is not easy to damage itching oil.

Coupon nursing hair two: Coconut Oil Hair Care

nursing hair

Pure fresh coconut oil is the only oil that can reduce the loss of hair protein. It can give you healthy, natural hair, prevent dandruff, improve dry hair and prevent hair gray hair and baldness. Take a proper amount of coconut oil to massage the scalp and hair tips or apply coconut oil after washing.

Or use coconut oil to massage the head and scalp before going to bed. Rinse it with a weak acid shampoo the next morning. The hair extensions looks soft and smooth. Black and bright, effective control of dandruff. Wipe it two or three times a day and it will take a few weeks.

Coupling nursing hair three: rice vinegar softening hair

nursing hair

Shampoo with diluted rice vinegar or wine vinegar, combined with conditioner, to soften hair and inhibit dandruff.

Coupon nursing hair four: Use Vitamin E

nursing hair

Squeeze 3 vitamin E into the conditioner and mix well. After cleaning the hair, use a towel to dry the water, apply the skin care evenly on the hair, then wrap the hair in a hot towel. After about half an hour, remove the towel and rinse it off with water.

This method is special. Suitable for dry hair and knotted hair. It is used by people with damaged hair, but it should be noted that oily hair is not suitable for this method.

Children’s Bobo Head Zamatail Cute Hairstyle

The cute Bobo head girl has a fresh and sweet taste, but it can’t resist the heat of summer. Then come to a children’s wave head and ponytail hairstyle, let these cute ponytail hairstyles bring you more Good mood, moms, hurry to collect and learn!

Bobo Head

In the sunshine, a ponytail hairstyle made from a cute bobo head exudes more delicate sweetness, and a cute hair style always brings more childhood fun to the little girls.

The color of the wave head is close to natural hair color, very fashionable and has a heavy feeling. Compared to taking care of the hair salon for several hours, many people who love beauty choose to use wigs to make “instant” changes.

Appreciate several bobo head and ponytail hairstyles

Short hair wave hair type can also set up a cute ponytail hairstyle. Two cute and delicate little braids tied up on the top of the head bring more fashion sense to the little girl. Cute and playful.
Bobo Head
Summer is too hot, so you can learn about this simple zamatail hairstyle. The cute bobo heads are all combed up, and you can finish this refreshing and clean hairstyle very well, in the big round eyes. Bring more fun to you.

Two cute little nephews have always belonged to the simplest hairstyle of a little girl, clean and a bit sweet, and the neat Qi Liu is the perfect expression of the pure feeling, bringing you a happy childhood.

Bobo Head

If you want to keep the fresh and sweet feeling of the Bobo head, you can also just pick up the bangs of that point. It can keep the fresh and sweet one and make you have more refreshing atmosphere. It is the best cute temperament for you.

Bobo Head

The black wave hair type has the delicate feeling of being a little girl. The neat bangs are full of pure and pure atmosphere, so the cute and sweet little girl is so cute.

Girls short hair style Bobo hair

What kind of Bobo hair can repair and reduce age, but also make the temperament more prominent? Simple styling will give you an unexpected harvest, come check it out.

Recommend to help you create a charming temperament of Bobo hair

The thick Qi Liuhai and the simple wave head of the inner button type are also very age-reducing. Firstly, the simple inner button wave head makes the face look more petite.

With a polka-dot headband for a cute and playful look.

Firstly, Good-looking female student hair style, supple hair is refreshing and simple, the side of the oblique bangs repair face-lifting temperament.

Natural hair color fashion and beautiful, enhance the texture of the whole hairstyle, a round frame eyes more girls cute and cute.

This girl’s short hair style, purple red hair color is very eye-catching, dew shape, trimmed layered hair.

Make the whole hairstyle elegant and individual, plus a stylish hat, very suck Eyes are eye-catching.
Bobo hair

The slanted bangs are matched with the three-dimensional hairline of the inner button.

Which interprets the overall natural and fashionable feeling. The brown hair color reflects the romantic and elegant temperament.

The side-by-side bangs are simple and elegant, the natural hair color is simple.

Firstly, and pure, and the micro-volume short hair perm easily catches the ethereal feeling, showing a natural and elegant atmosphere.
Bobo hair

Qi Liu Haibo Bobo hair type, a more clever shape, black hair color is more loveable.

Pure hair tail to create the most exquisite palm face, Loli Rong face wearing a sweater shirt, the literary fresh temperament is full.

The perm hair short hair style of the buckle, the curled hair is full and rich.

Sweet and stylish, and the tidy bangs show the fresh fashion of Xiao Loli.

Firstly, this girl’s short hair style, large side oblique bangs to exquisite face, supple hair refreshing and sleek, stylish highlights more trendy, with a pair of black sunglasses, full of modern fan.

Blur color for straight hair

Blur color, this is a color, quite popular feeling, it is said that it is super suitable straight hair, what are the fuzzy color hair pictures?

To talk about this fuzzy color, this is a new color of hair dye, many people not have heard of it, what are the fuzzy color hair pictures.

Blur color

A long straight hair with a waist and waist satisfied with only the long straight state, try more styles, such as this light purple highlight, and the following fuzzy color highlights.

Recommended for blurry colors for straight hair

Originally dyed with royal blue hair color, you can add fuzzy color highlights on the original basis.

The hole feather color on the top of the head, the beauty is different.

Blur color

If you dare not dye your hair, try wigs. A few green wigs  hidden, beautiful and fashionable.

Firstly, the long red hair of the wine red is very suitable for girls with poor skin tone, and the rainbow orange print on the bangs part of the design is like a layer of light, which makes the sea out of the old.

This straight hair dyed design shows you the correct way to open the hair color watershed. The dazzling design of the fuzzy mosaic makes the straight hair more elegant and transparent.

Blur color

Firstly, the light-gloss long straight hair of the night glow, the color of the hair on the top of the ear, is very individual.

About this fuzzy color introduced here, if you are straight hair, then come and try this color.

what to do with greasy hair

It is believed that everyone will have experience when the hair is not a day, and the situation of the boys will be particularly serious. Even sometimes I wash my hair in the morning, and in the afternoon my hair will still be oily, it is really miserable!

Now let’s sort out the specific reasons for the hair oil to avoid the hair is always greasy!

Do you know what to do with greasy hair

First of all, too frequent shampooing can not solve the problem of greasy hair, but it will make the hair oily!

We need to know that every pore that grows in hair is accompanied by sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands secrete sebum, which is the source of oil on our hair. It moisturizes and protects hair and scalp.

greasy hair

Frequent cleaning of the sebum in the head stimulates our sebaceous secrete more oil to replenish the sebum that away, which in turn makes our scalp and hair more greasy.

Second, the choice of shampoo is also the main cause of hair oil. We know that if you want to wash your hair and scalp, you must keep the shampoo alkaline.

The inferior shampoo even increases the specific gravity of the alkaline substance. The alkaline substance stimulates and even damages the scalp.  More sebaceous glands to protect the scalp.

greasy hair

Third, sometimes in order to care for our hair, we have chosen after-wash care products such as conditioners and hair masks. The nutrients will  our hair more oily, even if they improperly.

Fourth, the excessive use of hair accessories is also the murderer of hair. In order to beautify our hair, sometimes we use a lot of hair gel, gel and other hair accessories to adhere to the surface of our hair, making our hair more greasy.

greasy hair

Fifth, the diet is high in oil, spicy, and eating more fried foods and junk foods will stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands。

Resulting in excessive oil, while frequent staying up late and lack of sleep, mental stress are common problems of urban people, but also become irreversible the trend of.

Recommended wave Bobo hair hairstyle

The students and sisters all learn the hairstyles, recommend several wave head wig hairstyles, and create a youthful age!

These wave head wigs are very suitable for the students and sisters. Recommend a few wave head wig hairstyles, which will instantly make you younger and more temperamental.

Brown-yellow wave-head wig, it looks like a trend of fashion, with a small bow, so that the shape is more sweet and youthful, with orange-pink makeup, instantly become a young student sister.

Student sister must learn Bobo hair hairstyle

Such a wave Bobo hair, at first glance, is super cute, and it is a wig that the student girl can’t miss. Natural hair color looks so beautiful.

In the cold winter, I don’t want to toss my hair. A student girl’s wave head wig is also a good choice. The air feels like bangs. The soft hair doesn’t need combed and built. This kind of wig looks like a neighbor’s sister temperament.

The cute student girl likes this wig, the Bobo hair is matched with the hair color of the buckle, the beauty effect is great, and the denim overalls are released to release your youth.

Bobo hair

The airy bangs the short hair of the wave head, and the brownish hair dye of the trend. How can such a wig not make people fall in love? The trend index a burst the table, so that your face value improved a lot.

After reading the haircut wig hairstyle, there is a wooden wig with a heart, and the heart is not as good as action, and quickly loses one.

The color of the wave head is close to natural hair color, very fashionable and has a heavy feeling. Compared to taking care of the hair salon for several hours, many people who love beauty choose to use wigs to make “instant” changes.

Refreshing and charming Meatball head

A variety of Meatball head were popular in the past, and each girl was showing the effect of her own Meatball head. So all kinds of charming and beautiful balls were popular, but for the disabled party, it was a torture.

On a hot summer day, the ball head will make you feel refreshed, and all your hair will be tied up to reveal a slender neck, which is very youthful.

Meatball head

The meatball head is a hair style, first popular in Japan, and sought after by young girls and mature women. There are many kinds of meatballs, most of which are based on the ponytail. The hair a single piece and turned a disc. Fixed with a small black card.

Summer refreshing and charming Meatball head

The Meatball head is constantly evolving and now has more styles. The way of the hair refurbished. The Meatball head not only highlights the cute side of the girl, but also serves as a dish when attending the banquet, demonstrating noble temperament.

This refreshing and charming ball head shows the girl’s playful and cute, the hair on the top of the head, and two curls naturally flow out on both sides, which better modify the face.

Firstly, this bangs with the shape of the ball head, sweet and pleasant, slightly hot air bangs plus the refreshing of the ball head, you can get attention.

Meatball head

A tall ball of meat, it seems that the whole person is even taller, a little taller girl can try it.

And then make some decorations, more playful and cute.

Finally, I introduced a short hair and a half-ball head to the sisters, which is an upgraded version of the ball head.

Big face for straight hair

Big face, this type of face, but many people are super troubles, big face for straight hair?

To talk about the shape of this face, this is something that many people have been paying attention to. The shape of this face is very diverse. For example, this big face, then, is the big face suitable for straight hair?

Big face for straight hair, remember to match the sun

Straight hair is a hair style that not only repairs the face, but also repairs the temperament. The hair style of the elegant fairy is always a sense of sensation, which makes girls very popular. What type of face is hair suitable for? Is the big round face suitable?

For a round face or a big face, choose a hair style. If conditions permit, consider this. The sun-colored hair that doesn’t stain the hair roots makes you feel like you are in the sun.

The girl with square face, the face is more square, and the forehead is wider or narrower, with straight hair that is partial to the bangs, and the metallic color is added to the straight hair, which is more abundant.

straight hair

The big round face girl’s straight hair hairstyle, the symmetrical bangs design, lengthens the face, makes the round face look no longer round, and looks more refined.

The mixed-race goddess Guo Biting has the perfect facial features. The goose egg face is very delicate, and the corn-hot design is added to the  hair, which makes the shape more elegant.

The black long hair style is very temperamental, but the black straightness of the street is full of personality. Hairtail highlights this year’s popular “grass green” hair color, stylish and very gas field.

Qi Liu Haichang how long to change the air bangs

Liu Hai, many times, I want to change my bangs moments. How long does Liu Hai leave for air bangs? How does Qi Liuhai cut into air bangs?

Do not go to the barber shop to cut the bangs. Firstly, If the bangs block their eyes, cut off the part of the bangs that you want to keep, and keep the rest! It will take three months.

Qi Liuhai cuts the air by himself and must determine the size of the triangle according to the amount of hair.

Qi Liu Haichang how long to change the air bangs how to cut

Preparation tools: scissors, roll comb, hair dryer

The first step: take care of your bangs, use the two fingers to clamp the middle bangs down, determine the length you want, then pull it up and use scissors to cut the bangs.

Step 2: When trimming the bangs, be sure clamp it hard and trim it according to the horizontal direction so that the foundation can be laid. After trimming, the effect is as shown below.

air bangs

The third step: the bangs in the middle and the sides completely distinguished by the hand as shown in the figure, and then the middle bangs an inverted U shape, which protrudes from the middle and the short sides.

Step 4: When trimming the bangs again, the scissors should properly tilted cut out a bang of curvature, as shown below.

Step 5: We use the roll comb placed in the middle bangs, roll it up with a roll comb, use a hair dryer to blow the hair, let the hair become fluffy and elegant, and the air bangs can naturally form!

Daily care for girls nursing wig

Many girls like to change their hair styles and don’t want to cut their hair. Therefore, they often choose a wig for their hair style, but the daily care of wigs is also very particular.

If you don’t wear a wig for a while or don’t wear it, you should put the wig off, it is best not to be exposed to the air, it is easy to be dusty or messy, so you should take the wig to the place where the wig was placed, or receive the plastic. In the bag.

How to do daily care for girls nursing wig

If you wear a wig, it is recommended to wash it once a week. When cleaning, pay special attention to the fact that the wig can not be washed with hot water, it will destroy the quality of the nursing wig, and it can not be soaked in the water for a long time. After cleaning, it will be air-dried in the air.

When cleaning the wig, don’t use your hands to rub it. If you see the wig knotted, don’t pull it. You should use conditioner, gently straighten it, and use the conditioner wig to be glamorous, just like just bought.

Nursing wig

Usually take off the wig and use a sparse comb to gently smooth the wig and clean the dust. Choosing a sparse comb is to prevent the nursing wig from being broken easily by a dense comb, or to use a wig-specific comb.

If your wig is curly, then you must not use a comb to care for the curls. Finally, just use your hand to gently manage it. If you use a comb to care, the curl will be lost.