Small fresh girl straight hair style

What are the good-looking hairstyles for straight-haired girls? What kind of hair modification will it usually match? Firstly, take this question together to see how to choose a literary fan of a fresh girl’s temperament hairstyle, and treasure it for your girlfriend.

Literary Fan Qingxin girl straight hair style

Straight hair has always given people a clean and honest image of the girl next door. There are also some small women who feel that the simpler things are, just a little more careful, they can become another one! Knotting can shorten the length of the hair and create a full-featured hairstyle.

girl straight

An ion hot girl straight hair haircut is followed by a natural face with a small round face. Firstly, the fine hair is always dancing, looks very energetic, and the stylish maroon color is more temperamental.

girl straight

The pure color best suited for such long-haired girls, and the well-behaved looks very pleasing. The quiet ladylike temperament always permeated, and the bangs hairstyle is a clean face.

girl straight

Long perm remy hair extensions is absolutely necessary in the eyes of long-haired girl straight. The light hair supple after ionized. The sound of a comb is very star-like, and the natural black is more female. temperament.

girl straight

Firstly, Broken hair bangs temperament long hair ion long hair, soft is very suitable for such a delicate woman, the quiet face of the air bangs is a book temperament, slightly with a knife cut hair, very fashionable.

girl straight

The long hair girl straight hair style of the middle modified to the shape of the goose egg face. The long hair that grows like the water of the Yellow River comes to the sky, giving people a super-fresh natural visual sense, which looks both gentle and spiritual.

Super practical and correct hair care coup

You must think that you will wash your hair. After all, it sounds too simple. But do you really wash your hair? Is your shampooing technique to help your hair be healthier and more shiny, or is it actually dragging them?

You know super practical and correct hair care coup

“As far as I am concerned, I am a faithful believer in the two-way shampooing method,” said George Northwood, a stylist who manages hair by stars such as Alexa Chung, Alicia Vikander and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

“Most people don’t really wash their hair when they wash their hair. Finally, the hair is covered with a film, and this film will cause your hair to slowly become dull.

And tarnished.”With water, you can remove excess dirt when you wash the first time, and then you can actually wash it clean the second time. ”

hair care coup

According to Northwood, the main mistake we generally make hair care coup is to use too much shampoo. When we find that the bubbles are not rich enough, we can’t help but increase. Washing twice does not mean that you will use more shampoo – even you will find that the amount is less.

Northwood says that for most types of hair care coup, it’s best to wash your head every two to three days.

But obviously those with particularly fine hair may like to wash their hair more often.

While those with very curly or fluffy hair usually It may take a longer time to wash your head.

hair care coup

When it comes to conditioner, you should take your own hair as the standard. Those with very thin hair may not like to use any conditioner at all.

Others who prefer to apply some conditioner to their hair ends, or It is completely covered when the hair is particularly dry or rough.

“If the hair is really thick, apply a little more,” Northwood said. “It’s also useful to wring your hair and then apply conditioner. If the hair care coup is too wet, it will only dilute the product.

hair care coup

In short, our point is that if you use the two-pass shampoo method, you can really wash your hair. You can also more easily detect the real needs of your hair. For hair that quickly becomes greasy.

Northwood recommends using a leave-in spray conditioner that feels lighter than the conditioner used in showers and is less heavy and greasy.

hair care coup

“Shipping your hair care coup is also about using the right product to find something that suits your hair,” he said. “Many people have a deformed understanding of their hair.

Always thinking that their hair is much dryer than it is, so they compensate with too nourishing products. This only leads to serious fouling, and if you use a lighter wash Hair and conditioner will get better results.”

Finally, we still have to say something reassuring to everyone who is most worried about being shy when shampooing.

hair care coup

“If you find a lot of hair care coup in the drain after washing your head, don’t worry too much,” Northwood said. “Unless the amount of hair loss is too large, or if you find signs of excessive hair loss on some parts of your scalp.

Introducing several stylish hair color

In this hot and monotonous summer, are you sure you don’t want a hair dye to make your hair style more fashionable? If you want to dye your hair but don’t know what kind of hair color is good for you, then you will come to the right place today. The girls who have arranged the haircuts below will show you enough to show you the most fashionable in this summer. The trend of the van.

The most fashionable hair color in summer

hair color

The dyed hair of this gradient cherry powder is not very stunning, full of youthful girlish atmosphere, the breeze blowing, the flowing long flower hair clips dancing with the wind, is a best-looking beauty, but it is not recommended for the yellow-skinned girl to dye Oh.

hair color

A light brown curly hair has a girllike sweet and lovely, the lovely curly hair exudes the sweet and youthful atmosphere. The forehead s roll bangs can not only modify the face but also a lovely, light brown hair color is more gentle.

hair color

I think the girls all have the dreamlike dreams of the stars. This starry purple will show the most beautiful fantasy. Not only does it have high-profile elegance, but also eye-catching, there are bold girls who want to try it, give it to you. Summer is a little more dreamy.

hair color

The light color of the hair color brings a refreshing coolness to this summer. The long light-colored curly hair exudes the freshest and natural flavor, like a little princess-like fresh and elegant, with a delicate makeup is more lovely.

hair color

Vibrant reddish brown should be a color that is more suitable for summer. If you look at it, your mood will be better. The curls in the middle will also show the full vitality of the reddish-brown hair color.

hair color

A minimum of honey-colored long curly hair will present the fresh and natural atmosphere in front of everyone. It is also very elegant with a delicate light makeup. This summer, this hair color adds charm.

The hottest net red bangs

2018, the hottest hairstyle is definitely not the net red bangs, and with the net red bangs, no matter what hairstyle can change the foreign language.

The other person’s face and cheekbones are even more instantly slap in the face.

If you are this Face type, come and try the most popular net red bangs.

What kind of face is suitable for net red bangs

net red bangs

The curved red bend, the length to the chin of the net red bangs, just cover the lower squat line of the ridge.

You change the V face without cutting the bone.

nd even the high shin can be modified, the entire face of the line changes It’s soft, from a slightly MAN-like man’s face to a gentle gentle lady.

net red bangs

First pull the ear up to the top of the head, the hair in front of the ear pulled out, usually the block of air bangs only in the middle of the triangle.

But the angle of the net red bangs a little bigger, the hair volume about a small bundle The amount.

The amount hair that carefully separated is too much into a month.

net red bangs

After releasing, the hair tail is neatly tidy. I know that I cut it at first glance, and it is not good to look at the roll. Therefore, it is necessary to trim and thin the skin naturally, and straighten the bangs and scissors into straight.

From the bottom to the bottom. Make a thin trim, remember that the length of the outside is longer, and the shorter it is, the shorter it is.

net red bangs

In fact, this is almost cut, the last slight curl, the bangs beautiful.

Pull the bangs  the front, with a large diameter electric rod (32~38mm).

The whole squat up, inside and out, and stay After 3~5 seconds,  so that the bangs don’t roll too much.

Timeless egg roll hair type

The style of the egg roll hair style has always been very high, together to appreciate the timeless egg roll hair style, these hair styles are also a sense of fashion.

The egg roll type has always been dominated by cute, cute hair, like these timeless egg roll hair pictures.

You must collect the powder, but also take the fashion sense.

Fashionable egg roll hair style

egg roll hair

To the length of the shawl is convenient to take care of the usual time, the volume of the choice of the small volume, the natural and mediocre temperament is very charming, smashed the popular half-ball head, revealing a full forehead, fashion straight up.

egg roll hair

The bright golden yellow hair color is too dull and monotonous if it is straight hair, but after choosing the large egg roll hair type, the whole person becomes more jumping and fashionable, just like adding a lot of space for you. Aura and playfulness.

egg roll hair

Short hair roll heads naturally add to your cute temperament! From the Liu Hai place, the perm is started, and the short hair of the neck is treated with the egg roll head. The whole hair style is more fluffy. The face-lifting effect is superb, with a hat, the fashion is prominent, and it is as bright as the summer sun. Eye-catching.

egg roll hair

It is a lady’s egg roll type. I choose the color of the linen color and the bangs of the eyebrows. I handle the whole hair in the egg roll head. The fashion is greatly increased, and the sweet and pure temperament is fully displayed. After the glasses, they are as youthful and lovely as the 18-year-old girl.

egg roll hair

The large side of the bangs will look more mature and more natural, and naturally more face-lifting effect. Under the foil-shaped hair style, the facial features become clearer.

Both the fresh and natural of the girl and the delicateness of the woman. .

The five recommended egg-shaped hair pictures mentioned above.

No matter how many years passed, will not outdated, they will still bring certain visual impact to you.

Short hair with a young age

Each hairstyle has the unique charm of it. Whether it is long hair or short hair, it can show the fashion charm. Today, we will recommend a simple and beautiful hair style short haircut. The charm of age reduction is all for you.

Good-looking short hair

short hair

Natural fluffy short hair style, with a simple Qi Liu Hai hair style, more youthful vitality, black short hair is moving in the wind, the bright and sweet smile shows a full fresh sweetness.

short hair

If you want more fresh sense of freshness, you must not miss this shingle hair. The bangs are sliding across the face at random, showing a perfect sense of perfection, with a fluffy design behind the head. Fresh and more moving.

short hair

A simple and natural brown short hair style, the distance between the ears adds a little more freshness to this hair. The bangs on the eyebrows simply decorate the forehead and feel the perfect sweet girl.

short hair

There are many styles of shingle hair, and the hair is neat and clean, which makes this shingle hair style more sexy. The low-key light color is also more clean and soft, showing the most beautiful and natural side.

short hair

I don’t want my shingle hair style to be too low-key, but I can also match it with my favorite hair band. The soft black short hair shows you the most fresh and beautiful charm. The clean air bangs exudes more sweetness.

short hair

The fluffy and supple hair is also so fresh and natural, showing the most beautiful atmosphere in the warm sunshine. The air bangs and the hair are perfectly combined, showing more fashion charm in the simple decoration.

Korean curly hair has flaws

The reason why Korean hair styles are more intimate is because of the choice of hair color. Most Korean female stars are mainly black hair color. Even if they dye hair, they will choose the golden brown color which is relatively natural.

As long as there are few girls who have long hair, they have never tried curly hair styles, especially the curly hair style of Korean fluffy lazyness is a big hot hair that everyone is competing to imitate.

Korean curly hair

However, after many attempts, I found it difficult to catch the focus of Korean curly hair. Today, I will tell you the five main points of curly hair. It will be beautiful to make Korean curly hair in the future!

Korean curly hair focus: hair color

The reason why Korean hair styles are more intimate is because of the choice of hair color. Most Korean female stars are mainly black hair color. Even if they dye hair, they will choose the golden brown color which is relatively natural.

Korean curly hair

Korean curly hair focus two: Liu Hai line is more natural

In order to make the overall hairstyle more natural, the bangs of the Korean hair style mostly adopts the fuzzy method of dividing the line, just like the hand grabbing it out.

Korean curly hair focus three: the gloss of the hair

Korean curly hair

A matte hair not only makes your hair look as dry and fragile as it lacks nutrition, it also makes your skin look dull.

Korean curly hair focus four: the volume should be natural

Korean curly hair

The biggest difference between Korean curly hair and European and American curly hair is the curl of the hair.

In order to make the hair emit a more seamless feeling, you can choose the curling stick with the highest curl when you are hot Korean curly hair, and use it after the roll is finished. Hand as far as possible to loosen the hair.

Korean curly hair focus five: clean and simple hair tail

Korean curly hair

Usually Korean hair curls in the roll does not burn the hair directly to the end of the hair, but will retain the natural straight hair of about 3-5cm at the end of the hair, so as to fit the hair above the natural curl. Integration into one.

Korean gentle girl short hair

No matter when, short hair is the hairstyle that girls want to try. The simple and clean short hair style will always bring more fashion, and the following Korean warm girls short hair style, Very simple and natural, with a little fluffy design, let you be a playful little woman.

Playful little woman’s fashion short hair

short hair

Supple shoulder-length hair, just the distance to the collarbone is also very tempting, the fluffy and outward-looking design of the hairtail makes this simple hair style more delicate and delicate, broken The air bangs match, and it is even more obvious.

short hair

A low-key, light-brown, light-brown hair color with a nice-looking hot-roll design on the short-necked short hair, giving this simple short hair a little more gentle sweetness, fluffy air bangs, and gentler Sweet and charming girl.

short hair

The fluffy Korean shoulder-shoulder cuff has the gentleness of the one, and the black hair color makes the whole hair look very fresh and gentle, with a little fluffy hair on the hair, but let this one Korean hair is more gentle and temperament.

short hair

The refreshing and clean ear hair is very suitable for girls with small faces. It not only has a very clean and refreshing feeling, but also presents more fashionable and gentle atmosphere. The short hair of four or six points is matched with a simple short curly hair. Clean and sweet.

short hair

The hair in the middle is a combination of gentleness, freshness and perfection. The design of the short neck and hair brings more fashion charm to the girls. The bangs with a simple and beautiful curly hair design makes the whole person’s temperament change. More warm and beautiful.

short hair

The short brown hair matched with the beautiful curly hair design. The design of the middle part is more delicate and sweet.

And the fluffy Korean hair makes the whole temperament of the girl more fashionable and charming.

Beautiful dreamy purple hair dye style

Many girls want to dye a stylish eye-catching hair color, so today Xiaobian will take you to look at this beautiful and dreamy purple hair dye hair style, with a variety of fashion style, show your own fashion hair color That fashion charm, come and have a look!

Beautiful and dreamy purple hair dye style many styles make you look good

purple hair dye

The purple hair dye is very fresh and romantic, and the aesthetic sense of that one is also very exciting. Simply and casually set up a high ponytail hairstyle, the girl holds a handful of flowers and feels the fresh and natural atmosphere.

Supple and clean, a medium-length long curly hair style, a fresh and natural light purple is also very beautiful and individuality. The design of the middle part makes the whole hairstyle more fashionable and charming, and feels that in fashion. The intellectual elegance of the share!

purple hair dye

This casually-made ball-shaped hair type, which is a fluffy and messy feeling, is very suitable for a hair style that is casually set at home. It is simple and natural and more casual. The purple ball head is more fashionable. Have a personality!

With a black knit hat, the purple hair dye long hair has unexpected surprises. With a stylish personality in the simple.

The long hair that flutters in the wind is the perfect expression of the cleanest and beautiful.

purple hair dye

Very cute and playful, which a hair style, the purple hair dye long hair simply tied up, the full playful sweetness shows the temperament of a cute little fairy.

With a delicate hair accessory, so that the whole simple hair style is more A little more fashion charm.

Simply and casually set up a ponytail hairstyle, that one of the lazy and casual is so fresh and beautiful, the dream of purple long hair, make this ponytail more stylish and individual.

2018 autumn and winter trendy hairstyle

What hairstyles look good in autumn and winter 2018? Is there any hairstyle that looks great no matter how you stay? According to the current trend, recommend these 3 models for everyone, which one will you pick?

wool roll trendy hairstyle

Want a stylish and beautiful hairstyle? Many people voted for their first ticket to wool curls. This trendy hairstyle has been popular since last year, especially in the star circle. It is highly sought after. Stars such as Zhao Liying and Jing Tian have already changed this model early. I feel that this hairstyle will be very hot this year!

trendy hairstyle

The wool roll is different from the noodle head. It is a kind of curly hair that starts from the root. But the hair has a lot of fluffiness and curl than the noodle head, and it is also younger. It is especially suitable for hair with less hair or forehead. Inter-line) high girls, increase the amount of hair, modify the face, really not too practical!

This trendy hairstyle is often paired with short hair. After the hair is cut short, it is turned into a natural wool roll. Even a simple middle point makes people feel cute and young. This kind of sweetness is really suitable for autumn and winter. .

Girls with shoulders are also very suitable for making wool curls, then cut a bang, plus fluffy perm wrapped in cheeks, super face small!

trendy hairstyle

Long hair with shoulder hair is also super nice, and the curl is bigger and more eye-catching! Staying big and long hair doesn’t want to be too exaggerated? You can learn to reduce the tape in hair extensions uk in spring and summer. The loose curls look more everyday, and the hat is also fashion.

lazy roll trendy hairstyle

In the hairstyle of girls, curly hair has always occupied an absolute advantage. The slightly sleek curly hair style allows you to inadvertently exude a small sexy, temperament and feminine temperament is also a curse! However, it is difficult to make this kind of curl to the barber shop to make a perfect effect at one time. It is recommended that you roll your own hair curler at home.

trendy hairstyle

There is a transition period from short hair to long hair. It is also very suitable to keep this hairstyle. The micro-roll design is simple and easy to care for. It is also very feminine.

The girl’s clavicle hair is also very suitable for this kind of lazy roll, draped down gently and pleasant, and a ball head is more fresh and smart, age-reducing and temperament.

If a girl keeps her long hair, she will become a lazy roll. In fact, she still needs to lose her age. The curly hair style has a sense of sensibility. It can also add value to the temperament. This trendy hairstyle has a benefit, like this. The hairdressing barber shop can be hot, and then you can use it once a day to catch it, and it is relatively simple to take care of.

trendy hairstyle

Looking at the demonstrations of the stars, everyone prefers to use the eight-character bangs or the dragon bangs to match the lazy curls. The forehead can also enhance the overall sense of vitality, adding a younger temperament and more agility.

Bob head trendy hairstyle

This trendy hairstyle can highlight your facial features to the greatest extent. Because the length is very short, it is also the most picking thing to cut, from face shape to temperament to appearance.

If you want a fresh and literary style, try this partial wave head;

trendy hairstyle

The high-spirited personality, the bobo hairstyle is more popular, the whole person looks more youthful and more energetic, but the main point of this trendy hairstyle is that the hair must not stick to the scalp, otherwise it looks very rigid.

The side of the side + inner button like this looks more gentle, compared with the middle point is also more face-small, not confident on the face, cut short hair, this preferred, the length to the collar also very temperament.

trendy hairstyle

A little bit of bangs’s wave head, it is most suitable for creating the perfect student girl shape, and it is also one of the most loved hairstyles. The sweet lady who looks good can recommend it, cute and age-reducing, and it is a proper first love face!

When the hair is a little long, it is super cute to tie a ball or make a small tweezers. It will magnify the pure feeling and it is also a proper haircut!